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Dead game is dead? I know this will get removed quick but cant believe first page of arena forums goes back to early October. Creating games for shareholders starting to backfire much?
The majority of the community is on reddit and maybe the play mode forums.
The limited format just doesn’t get very much attention
forums is so 2007 :)
It's not that Hearthstone is dead, it's just that Arena is an outright scam that is loaded to the brim with RNG.
I don't play Arena anymore. I lose to many times compared to wins, and I'm not wasting gold or money on it. I've used the arena tracker and I consider that a waste of info. I don't feel that the payout for a win is worth the time and effort put out to play arena. Just my opinion, I'm sure others have had better luck then me.
Arena is final stage cancer right now. You face extremely strong decks before you even hit 2 wins and getting past 3-4 wins is actually pretty difficult, even if you draft a decent deck.

HS is declining overall because Bli$$ard cares more about releasing a new expansion every 4 months, rather than balancing the game and making it fun and interesting. The meta completely changes with every new expansion, so if you are a F2P player you have no way to keep up.
11/23/2018 11:46 AMPosted by Varthalabau
getting past 3-4 wins is actually pretty difficult
Here's the thing you miss. Arena is player vs player. Since its inception, exactly 50% of players go to 0-1 after the first game, and the other 50% go to 1-0. Of those, 25% proceed to 2-0 and 25% go to 1-1. Etc.
Nothing Blizzard has done or can do changes that.

So if your average arena results are worse then they were, it means that you do not play as good as before - probably because you failed to keep up as the meta changed. With your average going down, the average of other players has gone up and the overall average across all players is still, and always will be, 50% win rate.
Don't blame Blizzard for this. They didn't change it, and they couldn't change it if they wanted to.

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