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When you draw them, they sound like paper.. but they can also crack the ground? What are the cards made of?
High density liquid iron core, of a fast rotating neutron star, near a pulsar blast black hole...

...kind of paper.
The golden ones are made from unicorns. That's how they animate the paper.
Magical Dust
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Magical Dust

The most political correct answer.
My Version: Cards Made of... ?
In the beginning, there was emptiness. A team of higher beings saw the emptiness and created the board. Then they decided to create characters that will rule over the board. The characters were lonely, so the higher beings created cards so that they can rule over them. They were make to the likeness to the higher beings, all from the power of their creators and they saw what they created was good.

Fast forward to present day. After the days of the Falling, new identities called the players has taken over the rule of HS world. Each year, the higher being would create new cards and be offered to the players.

Some player cherish them like treasures or even as a part of themselves. Some would crush them mercilessly into dust and create new cards from their remains.
Billions of cards suffered, cried and prayed, but still meet their inevitable doom. Only a handful meet kind owners whom treasured them.

Each year, billions of cards would be exiled to the WILD, where they will fend a harsher living environment just to survive.

Once awhile a miracle happens. Some cards gain enlightenment and was raised to the HS heaven called Hall of Fame, where they enjoy eternal happiness.
They're made of the strongest thing ever known - Unity
Cards are made of paper, but playing a card causes a minion to be summoned.

Minions are made of muscle and blood and skin and bone, a mind that's weak and a back that's strong. Unless they're golems or elementals that are dense and can actually crack pavement.

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