Cant Start at Rank 50?

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So I've been trying to get a friend to play Hearthstone for awhile now, but when he finally did do the tutoral and everything, he didn't even get the option to start at Rank 50. Does anybody know a solution other than just making a new account?
So if he goes into play mode he sees Rank 25? If that's the case, I would suspect that he logged into HS a long time ago, perhaps just to collect a reward from another Blizzard game. Brand new accounts should start at 50.

And yeah, if it's not some kind of bug (check with customer support if your friend truly believes it is a bug) it's best to reroll with a new account and get all of those juicy packs. A player can have up to 3 monetized (unlimited f2p) accounts, so it won't affect any other Blizzard games.

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