Mobile disconnect when trying to start a game = loss

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Mobile disconnect when trying to start a game = loss

I mostly play ARENA and the last 2 weeks I have gotten intermittent disconnects. When I start a game, it finds an opponent, then says something like "sorry we have a problem, wait a few minutes and try again", but it goes into game and matches me with a player.

Sometimes, I continue the game just fine, but when I finish (win or lose), I get a "your game was recorded" message and I look and I have an extra loss. IE, If I won that game, I have 1 win and 1 loss. If I loss, then I have 2 losses. It is like I am connecting to 2 games and one is playing without me and I am losing it (obviously since I am not there).

Other times, like just now, I get the message. It gives me my starting hand, and after redraw it says "you were disconnected, trying to reconnect" and it never does. I have to kill the game and restart. It says "you lost last arena game due to disconnect". That happened to me earlier this morning. I played all day with NO ISSUES. Then on my third game this afternoon, it happened so I immediately killed the game (instead of waiting). But on restart it said "couldnt connect to your game" followed by "you lost your last arena game due to disconnect".

This is REALLY frustrating. I ended my last area run 5-3 and TWO of those losses were from this type of connection issue.

I thought the last 3 patches were maybe going to fix this issue, but the patch today didnt. It is still happening after 100% patched.

Any help??

Samsung S7 by the way. Nothing else opened in background. I have 4G with unlimited data plan. Sprint.
Why would someone give this a down vote?

This issue continues to happen, no Blizzard support?
This has been a problem forever. I never play any ranked games or matches on mobile because I can’t ever be certain that I’ll get to finish the match. Everyone knows about it, no one seems to care.

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