Zilliax worth crafting?

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is Zilliax worth crafting and adding into non mech deck? such as my Quest lynessa paladin deck. I would also add 2 corpsetakers

here's my deck
Yes. He was day 1 craft for me. He's not just for mech decks. I use him in deathrattle rogue where you can cube him then trigger 90 million times.
Now that Giggling Inventor has been nerfed, the argument of the strongest card in Boomsday is over. Zilliax can fit into any deck just for it's sheer value. It typically gains you 3 life and removes an enemy minion on your turn, and either gains you more health and another trade on your opponent's turn or requires them to spend resources removing it with a spell or weapon charge. Also it's going to be in Standard for over a year, so I'd say Zilliax is a no-doubt craft if you have the dust.
Don't let the Magnetic effect fool you, Zilliax is an absolutely fantastic standalone card.
Yes he is awesome... especially when he gets Paladin buffs and that Lifesteal goes thru the roof...
Great late game minion for a rogue deck using Valera the Hollow. Magnatize him to himself for a 6/4 with taunt, rush, divine shield and life steal.

I've seen him run in Healadin decks.
It is a day 1 craft even now.
I use it in my miracle rogue by shadowstepping him, mixing him with cold blood or copying him with lab recruiter; won many games thanks to his heals
I'd say he's the only 100% safe craft from Boomsday. You can find a use for him even if you don't play other mechs.
11/03/2018 12:00 PMPosted by Bootytime
Yes. He was day 1 craft for me. He's not just for mech decks. I use him in deathrattle rogue where you can cube him then trigger 90 million times.
More regarding to Rogues; Zilliax is also good in Pogo-Hopper Rogue deck as well when either copied and shuffled by Lab Recruiter and/or Magnetized with a big Pogo-Hopper.
He is surprisingly versatile.

Deals 3 damage to a minion without dying, heals for 3, leaves a taunt behind to maybe heal more.

He enables corpsetaker really well on his own.

Works great with any other mech cards you might have.

Good value at 5 mana even without the magnetic tag, and any deck can use him.

I am not sad that he was my first boomsday legendary pull.
Yes. Let others have said, it’s one of those cards that fits in every single deck. Craft it, you won’t regret it.
Probably the deck card of Boomsday after Gigling
My Golden day 1 pull when logging in.

Comparable to Lich King in versatility, super happy with it.
The best legendary in Boomsday utility-wise. Even Rogues and Hunters will run Zilliax.
Zilliax is pretty much just a better Antique Healbot.
As everyone else has said he's a solid card in a wide variety of decks. Definitely a safe craft.
Crafted him day one, no regrets.
Even in non-mech decks he can be viable as a control-tool and he often heals for 6 on his own.
The moment streamers downrated this card was the moment I knew some of them have no idea how the game works. Anyone telling me turn 5 is too late for a rush/taunt/lifesteal/divine shield combination is out of their minds.

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