Your initial thoughts on RastaKhan now that all cards revealed

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Feeling excited for the new deck ideas
Easily the most powerful set of the Raven block

First order of business: preparing for the Rexxar Invasion.
Nerf Hunter.
Lot of rehashed old card concepts and gimmicks getting hit with sledgehammers to try to make people play them.
Rogues not charging in way during this expansion. No new archetype or playstyles..

Also I'm abit salty about the fact that Rogues were the only one who got screwed in both the card and lore department.

Literally every champion has some sort of history in World of Warcraft, but.. Rogues? Yeah, let's make a fun-fun pink-haired pirate.

Zul'jin should have been ours!
initial ideas? oondasta is broken, jan'alai has potential

aside from that, the general power level of the set is far lower than KoFT or K&C -that much is good for the future of standard since they succeeded in reducing the power creep

but at the same time, that translates into yet another metagame that will be solved pretty quickly and the game will end feeling "stale" yet again since only a counted amount of cards feel impactful (oondasta again, and that goes into cube hunter, which only increases it's power level further more but then it will get targeted by everyone else), there are also new archetypes, but nothing can credit they will be succesful yet

this problem will be leveraged GREATLY after rotation, when the power level will finally reset (except for the odd/even fiesta) but that also translates that unless they manage to make cards that powercreep in wild BUT do nothing in standard, that mode meta will be forever frozen unless they start making wild targeted nerfs AND buffs to give it a better flavor over time

11/28/2018 04:20 PMPosted by OniEyes
Zul'jin should have been ours!

zul'jin fits rogue better tbh, I too wish hunter would have gotten a different styled champion
A lot of gimmicks being shoved in our faces. It's pretty obvious what archetypes Blizzard is seriously trying to push as the new meta.
I like that some of these cards show Blizzard is listening to us. Druid stone a problem? Set player crystals to 5. Getting comboed too hard by Mecha'tun? Use the card that gives each player a copy card. Overall, I like this set. And I am extraordinarily excited for rotation.
Lots of fun cards to experiment with.

Hunter is going to come out immediately out of the gate as the "PLEASE NERF" class like Shudderwock from last expansion - mark my words.
I wonder if odd paladin will still be tier 1 for another set?
What I appreciate is how much more relaxed they've become in making sure strange abilities don't get too penalized in the stat department. Once upon a time, a 6/5 vanilla minion would've been an actual printed card, and if it had an effect, it would lose a stat point, even if its effect was something ridiculously situational like 'unstealth all enemy minions'. But they're okay with printing something like Mosh'ogg Announcer, which has an effect that is strictly beneficial, but doesn't pay any stat points for it because they understand the card doesn't need to pay stats for such a small effect.

Also, a great many of the common and rare tier cards look playable in some deck or another; this is a departure from sets like Frozen Throne where all the good cards were at epic rarity or higher. Rastakhan looks like it has a LOT of useable commons/rares, reminds me a lot of Un'Goro.

Also, they're really going all out on the Rush mechanic this time around. There's a ton of rush minions, but they're being statted decently, and many have some good effects on top of them like Shirvallah. I'm still a bit skeptical about Overkill just because it alternates between great like Oondasta and joke cards like Arena Patron (lol Patrons), but I'm okay with the concept as a whole.

They went all out to ensure most classes had their archetypes fleshed out, making a return of old Beast Hunter, finally giving Warlock some proper Discolock support even though it's a little late, granting Mage a number of options in the realm of Elemental and Odd, and even hinting a return of Dragon Warrior. Druid was pretty much the only one that got a weird archetype that's probably just going to flop, making them rely on the tools they already have from previous expacs.

Overall, there is some trash, but most of it is good. I want to see how this shapes up.
Pirate rogue and Dragon Warrior have nowhere near enough cards. Maybe support in April. You can build and play them, but you're going to lose a lot of games.
1) I'm very excited, and look forward to opening many different cards to test different ideas! :} I haven't felt this hyped since possibly Whispers of the Old God, which turned out to be my favorite expansion.

2) So much for power level reset... It's still better than Mean Streets of Gadgetzan and Kobolds & Catacombs, however, at least.
11/28/2018 05:46 PMPosted by Bootytime
Pirate rogue and Dragon Warrior have nowhere near enough cards. Maybe support in April. You can build and play them, but you're going to lose a lot of games.

Yea that might happen, look at this upcoming expansion and mechs.
Shaman: Shaman actually got some solid cards this time around. I'm looking forward to my triple-winfury to bloodlust otk.
Rouge: Eh. Some pirates, I guess. And the shark is kinda cool.
Hunter: I love the Loa, and the spirit is amazing. Not so sure about the hero, though. I either lose my build-a-beast or wait until after I play the hero card to play Rexxar.
Paladin: Pretty amazing.
Warlock: I will now play every Hearthstone game with 15 both my and my opponents deck.
Warrior: I miss my son. One day, he will be strong again. I'll be waiting for him.
Priest: Giving my deck a buff is pretty nice, but other than that, meh.
Druid: There is only one decent card for Druid this expansion, and it's treants.

I like waterboy. He's basically a 2/1 wisp. He's a moisty boy.
11/28/2018 05:46 PMPosted by Bootytime
Pirate rogue and Dragon Warrior have nowhere near enough cards. Maybe support in April. You can build and play them, but you're going to lose a lot of games.

Pfft, you think losing will discourage me from my pirate and dragon memes?
There is nothing released for Priest. The class has cemented its place at bottm tier 4 one week before the release date.
I’ll go class by class. I’m super lazy and won’t look up names. Have fun guessing.

I’m glad to see more dragons/dragon support in standard, I just hope dragon warrior is good. One of my main problems with hearthstone at the moment is that it feels like all viable midrange/value decks are dependent on Cube or Genn. Anything else gets pushed out. I’m not sure the dragon stuff is enough to change that, but I’m hopeful. Spirit of the Rhino is a sick nasty card that might make tempo warrior great again. If it doesn’t, it fits in odd warrior. I don’t like that deck but it can fit there. Sul’tharas is a neat looking card but I’m not sold on it. Conditional flamestrike that makes my face hurt a lot sounds meh. Akali, the whip, and the other cards don’t really interest me enough to talk about.

I feel like the pirate stuff contradicts itself. Hooktusk means I want big pirates, but bloodsail monkey looking guy and cannon barrage mean you want lots of small ones. I’m a bit confused atm. Pirates could be strong enough though. Hooktusk is an insane card if you have the deck for it. Gral is a solid card, but not a super interesting one. I can’t think of any fun applications for it. Spirit of the shark will enable some cool memey stuff that I’m looking forward to.

I legitimately think that Druid might be getting one of the better turnouts. Yes, Gonk sucks. The spirit might be a nice card for the 10 people playing odd Druid but that’s about it. The other attack stuff is all bad, if you ask me. However, Oonadasta Druid, with Predatory instincts, stampeding roar, and witching hour actually seems like a potential real thing if you ask me. We might get some clips featuring the Jurassic Park theme song.

Y’know, I think midrange/control pally could make it. That health to armor dude gives you a way to beat maly Druid, and that’s not nothing. With this and some other new cards, I think the current fringe deck “Breakfast Paladin” (weirdly has nothing to do with me) might be pretty legit. Spirit of the tiger seems to fit very well, especially when the deck already runs spells like Kangor’s, Shrink Ray, and Steed. I hope for the best.

Not a fan of Shaman’s cards. Most of the good ones just make me think “Oh you could put that it x existing deck and it would be fine.” Spirit in otk Shudderwock, maybe. Zentimo as well, though I’m not completely sold. Big Frog Dude fits in that and tempo shudder (unstable evolution synergy). I don’t feel like the decks will change much in terms of gameplay or standing. I’ve heard some people say burn shaman, but I’m highly skeptical when Baku warrior, branching paths, and arcane artificier exist and the other decks are super fast. To me burn seems like a no go.

I don’t think priest did too well. Seance seems like a really nice card. It lets you play Amara four times in a game without your deck being a total clown fiesta. Mass hysteria seems like a very strong board clear. Spirit seems way to inconsistent to work. Mark my words, Bwomsamdi will see as much if not more play tutoring test subjects and boars for apm priest as with the spirit this coming expansion. Talanji seems really slow and not worth it. But don’t worry! Dragon soul Zerek Priest is still going strong thanks to Zombie taunt machine and Banana man! Long live the King! /s

Rexxar probably didn’t do as good as we’re assuming. Everyone assumed Druid would obliterate standard last go around, but we were all wrong, it only obliterated wild. Though I must say that card is good. So is that one. Oh boy, I can’t wait for all these cards to give me a fair and balanced ladder experience. Buffed firefly, yup. Oonadasta exists, just like Katharena, and King Krush. Zul’jin feelin’ real festive with how many Christmas trees he’s going to be planting. Feeling pretty feisty too, if all those wolves are any indication. Oh, and they have 3 mana draw 3 (sometimes). Guess clean living pays off again, Rexxar.

YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD BAN ME, INSECT?. That there’s the sound of Rag’s triumphant return to standard. I predict Firebreather and Spirit will make it into BSM. It’s a strong combo. Enables Rag summon bird immediately. If you’re already if FLJ mode, you can summon 3 water eles, I think. Fire breather by itself is quite strong in a deck that can’t run frostbolt. Arcanosaur doesn’t have me super convinced, but it might make it in there too. I’m not optimistic about elemental mage, but we’ll see.

I think this might be the best discard support they’ve ever released. I’ve also heard players mention concepts like recycling discarded cards and discarding non random cards. 6/6 draw three is incredibly good. Zavas is going to love catching all those “lowest cost card” discards. I honestly feel like the high priest lady that copies herself might take the bench because controlled discards won’t hit her while Zavas is around. Glad Blizzard listened to the community on discard. Oh, and Hireek is turbo bad. So is his spirit. Hireek? More like “He reeks of losing to arcane explosion and or spirit lash and at most still losing to brawl nether hysteria etc.”
Excellent themes and flavor.... I’m pretty keen.

Little worried considering the trend of the most powerful expansion coming last in the year. With most of what we do in the game right now still being shaped by KaC with the likes of Recruit and Cubes..
Looks like the onset of tauntstone to me. Expecting worse than witchwood. Sorry Blizz maybe next time.
With the Spirit of the shark and some of the tools that already exist, I see Kingsbane making a return to standard. Greenskin for +1/+1 with the Spirit make that +2/+2. Lab recruiter shuffles in 3 copies, spirit makes that 6. Look at Phantom Freebooter, battlecry: Gain stats equal to your weapon. Now trigger that twice with a juiced up Kingsbane in hand.

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