12-2 Brawl-Arena Deck

Tavern Brawl Discussion
Had a lot of fun today in the tavern brawl, went 12-2. Definitely going to play this deck list in standard.

1. Blessing of Might x2
2. Blessing of Wisdom x2
3. Lost in the Jungle x2
4. Righteous Protector x2
5. Shrieking Shroom x2
6. Stonehill Defender x2
7. Tar Creeper x2
8. Unidentified Maul x2
9. Witch's Cauldron x2
10. Fungalmancer x2
11. Leeroy Jenkins
12. Level Up x2
13. Prince Liam
14. Zilliax
15. A New Challenger x2
16. Baku the Mooneater
17. Uther of the Ebon Blade
18. Shirvallah, the Tiger

Only lost to two Mages both of whom managed to get FLJ online early.
The irony a 6 legendary deck still gets wiped because FLJ is broken, worse irony is sharing a deck like this for a tavern brawl is the exact type of overpowered card collections new players get slapped up against.
I'm completely free to play on my account. Haven't spent a penny and I can come up with this deck no problem. Amount of dust spent to make a deck should have no bearing on it's tier level.

I shared it because I was pleased with my homebrew deck going 12-2. Can you homebrew a winner like this?

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