Merry Christmas

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Except for Hunter players
Merry christmas to everyone.

My beastmaster deck ain't hurt nobody!

Neither has my even hunter.

I may have a problem with my intense feelings for off meta decks.
Merry Christmas to all. Even those that abuse broken decks. LOL. :)
12/24/2018 04:55 AMPosted by Mikey
Merry Christmas to all. Even those that abuse broken decks. LOL. :)

What are we allowed to play?
I’ve been rocking Hunter for 6 months and all of a sudden it’s wrong to play the class I enjoy because it’s gone from being half decent to good.
How’s that my fault?

Remember the time when you wankers were memeing Spell Hunter. Y'all forgot how trash Spell Hunter was esp. during KnC, Witchwood, and Boomsday. And now that we finally got a win condition card, you start to whine like losers and say it's oppressive? Hunter was for a long time a bottom feeding class. So it's the f2p players fault for patiently waiting for the cheapest class to finally have a time in the spotlight then? I do admit Spell Hunters are sometimes less interactive (depends on how you use your secrets), but it is far from being a solitaire deck. They give you a chance to interact with the board, make decisions, think through your turns instead of.. well... SMORKING THE !@#$ OUT OF YOUR OPPONENT BECAUSE THEY PLAY A SOLITAIRE DECK.

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