Balance Changes - December 2018

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We have some balance changes that will be taking effect tomorrow. Check out the blog here for more details!
Press F for Shaman

Rip Shaman, Odd Paladin and Kingsbane Rogue.

And no this doesnt really effect druid that much ( remember plague nerf )
I guess I can delete my thread:(

Beat you by like 40 seconds whatwhat!

This is kinda a bummer, I was getting lots of free wins vs odd pally with Quest Warrior.

Couldn't we apply the same logic they used for Nourish/Wild Growth to Preparation?
but playing Shudderwock multiple times in a single game can be frustrating

Not at all if you happened to be the one playing it. :P
Once of the best balance change patches I have ever seen. So beautiful!
Thank you for listening Blizzard. This obviously moves some classes back into the power level but it'll shake up the meta finally.
Hunters: "lol"
Christmas came early this year!
Let's see...

Wild Growth – Will cost 3 mana. (Up from 2)

Oh yeah! Let's slow their ramp ;)

Nourish – Will cost 6 mana. (Up from 5)

Slowing down their ramp even more!

Level Up! – Will cost 6 mana. (Up from 5)

Some paladins, somewhere, are crying odd tears.

Saronite Chain Gang – Now reads: Taunt. Battlecry: Summon another Saronite Chain Gang.

RIP in pepperoni OTK Shaman!

Leeching Poison – Will cost 1 mana. (Down from 2). Now reads: Give your weapon Lifesteal this turn.

Well, this card is now trash. Good riddance. I own a golden Kingsbane by the way and I'm not salty about this much needed adjustment.


Nothing else about other OTK, but that's fine for me. A good balance change, IMO.
Christmas came early!
Missed adding one mana to Cube. Again.
Slowing down druids does not really fix their problem, it just makes wild growth a mediocre card to the extent everyone would start using greedy sprites, no one silences them anyways because there are far too many stronger cards you need to silence.

The chain gang nerf is called for, this coming from a shudderwock player- it wasn't fair.

This being said I think there are far more broken combos like deathrattle hunters or carnivorous cube in the first place- infinite value when play dead only costs 1 mana: the cube should be 7 mana, easy (seriously you hardly see legendary shudderwocks but always see deathrattle and spell hunters, everywhere)
Wow... They actually did it. Didn't think they would since over half of those cards will rotate out in a few months. But here we're. I was wrong. Not that I'm complaining. Especially how it's hitting Odd Paladin and Druid in general.

Welp, Level Up!'s nerf will weaken Odd Paladin, if not kill it entirely. Good riddance as far as I'm concerned. I wonder if Even Paladin will find use for it? Nah. Probably not. While the Hero Power does cost only 1 they can't generate Silver Hand Recruits as efficiently as Odd Paladins.

Druid is getting hit hard too. Good. Most despised class for me at the moment.

Saronite Chain Gang's nerf came as a surprise to me, though. I didn't think it was that bad. Annoying when buffed, sure. But not much more annoying than, say Doubling Imp. Taunt makes it a tad bit worse to deal with, of course. But not a whole lot. That's just me.

[Edit]: Ahh! Forgot Shudderwock's combo! Yeah. This is a very good change.

I really like Leeching Poison's change; got both a buff and also a nerf. But I guess this is mostly a nerf. I like it regardless. And I'm sure all the people here whining about Kingsbane will be happy. Maybe this will shut 'em up.

You happy now, people?
Incoming hunterstone.
12/18/2018 11:26 PMPosted by OldDrache
Incoming hunterstone.

even hunters themselves don't understand how they keep getting away with this
They killed the 4 classes that doesn't use new expansion cards. Seem like a logical nerf. :)
While I admit the thought of some of the diehard druid defenders shedding a tear brings a smile to my face, I personally would have preferred if the weaknesses of ramping aggressively (card & board advantage) were addressed instead.

The rest of the changes look fine to me, glad KBR was addressed just hope it's enough for wild.
So my synopsis:
#1) Odd timing, lol it is after midnight MST so 11pm PST

Wild Growth + Nourish: Disagree highly. This should have waited until AFTER UI rotates as UI is covering for the sacrifice ramping had to pay in the past

Level Up!: Probably kills Odd Paladin in Standard but in Wild it can still be run but probably tier 2 or 3 now.

Saronite/Shudderwock: As I said in another thread I would have modified Grumble and by having it only return Elementals as it owuld have a buffed a relatively unused card prior to Shudderwock and broken the combo. This is fine though if they feel it was needed from a QoL standpoint. Going to miss my Krag'wa + Zentinmo + Electra Shudderwock COmbo version but ./shrug

Leeching Poison: RIP Kingsbane and this card might be useless now (maybe a Miracle style finds a use... doubt it though)

They basically just killed 3 decks and slowed down Druid against Aggro some.... this will impact the meta as not only is Hunter untouched, which one could argue is interesting, but this might free up Control some as well.... This patch will shake up the meta for certain.

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