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I started following the deck list here for odd Paladin:

I put together the deck, I had all cards except Leeroy Jenkins, and when I went into battle my hero power wasnt upgrading.

I started to wonder why my hero power wasnt upgrading then I noticed Level Up is a 6 cost card.

If you put Level Up in Odd Paladin Deck list then your hero power wont upgrade.

What am I to do? All the odd paladins I have seen include level up, how are they putting a 6 cost card in the deck and still getting an upgraded hero power?
They're not. Those are old decklists from before the nerf.

Replace Level Up with Frostwolf Warlord and you'll be good to go.
Great thanks!
I replaced level-up with Chief Inspector. It didn't help my win rate, but the instant concedes from a few hunters were worth it. In all seriousness, though, odd paladin is favored against hunters and doesn't need it.

Frostwolf Warlord is the most consistent replacement, but Cobalt Scalebane, Void Ripper, Ironbeak Owl, and including both Leeroy and Liam are all viable options.

There is also another version of odd paladin that is using the mech package, but it seems to be inferior.
Any suggestions for replacing Leeroy Jenkins? I didnt have enough dust to craft him so I just replaced with the highest odd cost charge minion I could find which was only 3 attack.
Leeroy isn't neccesary, I always played versions of odd paladin without him as I got Price Liam for free on release of the Witchwood expansion.

The only cards that can truly replace Leeroy have an even mana cost. Stormwind champion isn't a good replacement, but it does offer some burst damage. You could also replace Leeroy with Cobalt Scalebane for another turn five play, or a tech card in my post above.
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Someone takes there video games a little too seriously, and its not me
is this deck easy mode?

I have been playing this game for one to two years very casually, always playing meme decks I made up and never speding money.

The highest rank I ever managed was 19 and never ended a season better than 20.

A couple of days ago I decided to start spending money on the game so I could get dust to craft proper decks.

The first deck I crafted was quest rogue, it was a lot of fun and its a great deck, but I went into ranked with it and still stayed at rank 20, its not easy to win.

Today I created Odd Paladin and suddenly I won like 5 games in a row! This is by far the easiest deck I have ever played with, is this one of the strongest decks in the game at the moment?
It was when level-up was five mana, but it has survived the nerf surprisingly intact.

It recently fell into the tier 2 catagory on HSReplay, but it is still a good ladder deck to counter the many hunter players out there.
Why bother playing this? Just play zoo instead. No level up rekt it. You could have fun and make a janky odd pally mech version with kangor, mech eggs, zilly, wargear, ect
Can literally play the same exact odd pally list from before but with frostwolf warlord instead of level up.
Two words. Eleven letters. Say them and Odd Paladin is complete.


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