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Where everyone plays priest because the idiots who develop this game can't seem to figure out that wild brawls are complete horse manure. And totally leaned against the standard player. Thanks for the second week in a row with a horrible brawl. Again, it's like the devs don't test before putting this nonsense out.
Played 8, priests played 0. Maybe it's just you, I am getting hunters and warlocks.
Warlocks get all the Crates :)

Here is how.

Turn 1 cast give a minion plus plus it dies a horrible death end of your turn.

Turn 3 cast unwilling sacrifice on your crate and oh guess what! It RANDOMLY chooses the other crate out of 4 minions on the board. Oh nice. So that's 3 for thw Warlock and zero for me.

Turn 4 cast the demon that destroys a minion and adapt or cast pterodactyl which also destroys a minion and adapt. So now the Warlock has 5 boxes to my zero thus far.

But I could still beat him if I play Sunkeep Tarim next turn. Oh no sorry, we are using ALL THE CARDS FROM ALL THE SETS so now play Abyssal Demon that does 3 damage to all minions.

All well, the Warlock got all the boxes and thus all the legends and thus - yeah.

No joke, the second I read the followup comments and tried again it was nothing but warlocks. All day long lol.
Warlock are ridiculous good in this brawl. Turn one 1-1 minion that destroys a friendly(crate) and becomes a 3/3.
Turn 2. Scorpion for destroying a minion with less than 1 attack( neutral to be fair) or ratcatcher that absorbs the stars of the crate and destroy it.
Turn 3 unwillingly sacrifice destroy a crate and a random minion or crate from your opponent.
Turn 4 open treasures and starting playing discounted 10 mana mobs for victory
No this is Grinch Warlock Brawl.
Definitely a Warlock brawl.
Its definitely a Priest/Warlock/Rogue brawl. All are equally viable. I've played the !@#$ out of this brawl and tested out variations of every class, its incredibly fun if you're skilled but pretty much only with those classes. Other classes if they highroll hard can be fun but that highroll includes your opponent lowrolling lol, so unfortunately generally only those three. Still though, because the brawl incorporates the burgling aspect (if you kill their gift you get their class gifts,) every game is unique and I'd say 80-20 the more skilled player wins.
Its definitely a Priest/Warlock/Rogue brawl

FTFY: It's definitely a Warlock brawl preists and rogues get to get in the ring occasionally
Their self destructive card mechanics give them and an edge right from the start and can be uses consistently all game even with starting hand and that's BEFORE you count in the neutral cards.
Priest and rogue are fragile needing topsy turvy or shadowstep|coin|alchemist in starting hand or you just can't keep up in value when they start killing all crates every turn.

Dust amount needs to play a larger part in matchmaking so warlocks with fully kitted net decks can greet each other to death.

Let the rest of us play in piece with what little we've peiced together like this priest deck for the brawl Gift Exchance:

### Brawl Deck
# Class: Priest
# Format: Wild
# 1x (0) Circle of Healing
# 2x (0) Topsy Turvy
# 2x (1) Inner Fire
# 1x (1) Mind Vision
# 2x (1) Northshire Cleric
# 2x (1) Power Word: Shield
# 2x (2) Crazed Alchemist
# 2x (2) Divine Spirit
# 2x (2) Radiant Elemental
# 2x (2) Shadow Word: Pain
# 1x (2) Spirit Lash
# 1x (3) Extra Arms
# 1x (3) Sand Drudge
# 1x (3) Shadow Word: Death
# 2x (3) Thoughtsteal
# 1x (4) Holy Champion
# 1x (4) Mindgames
# 1x (5) Power Word: Replicate
# 1x (6) Entomb
# 2x (12) Arcane Giant
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Hard muligan for topsy-turvys' , exceptions for inner fire , shadowword pain(when coined), and alchemist. If no luck try and buff your own crates to be out of lethal till you can start taking thiers
yeah no, rogues might not have the capabilities to get as many gifts right off the bat but once they have a couple mana they can easily get more gifts than any other class. with their weapon/ necrium vial (They get necrium vial from the gifts as well). Especially if they're smart/have baron rivendare. Rogues can get insane amounts of gifts. Warlocks can only get 2 max per turn assuming their opponent doesnt kill their gift. Priests also can achieve more than 2 max per turn, with revive, especially because the gifts have deathrattle and priests have specific cards to revive deathrattle cards. I think only one, but it brings back two 1/1s. Combo with spirit lash and you got 2 gifts a warlock could never get. I generally have two games going at once and my main account has a rogue deck and my alt has a priest deck because I honestly think warlock is harder to win with. As long as you can kill 1-3 gifts you can easily counter their first few turn advantage from your gifts and thereafter win the game.

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