Fun arena games?

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Let's tell stories of fun arena games.
I'll start:
Boring f@g game
I have tons of arena games that are very fun. The most crazy rng,a game that you did play perfectly. Mad bomber against hunter with a 2/1 from turn 1 on the board hitting your own face 3 times "thank you"
Its all about your own attitude if you have fun or not.
Tons of fun arena games, none I remember too clearly but there have been tons. Less and less with each expansion, though. If that was your point
Be warlock.
Have Mojomaster Mihi, playing against stupid go face mage.

I have four minions on boards, throws away his hand to get me to 9 health. Play Mojomaster Mihi, he concedes.

Best game ever.
To be truthful this point is 100% correct. There is no fun in this anymore.

Pick warrior/warlock
Get insane value/clear cards (shadowflame, warpath, voidlord) you know them

It's that simple now. This is possibly the worst state of the game I have ever seen. Mage got so much crap for so long, but it never felt like this.

I have drafted 3 times: didn't get warrior, can't get past 4 warriors in a row. My jaw dropped on the 3rd warrior and I wanted to smash my laptop.

SUCH A BAD GAME! There is already enough RNG in this mess, and to add to the screwup these fools can't balance the classes for years!

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