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I miss the old Arena drafting, before it gave you three "equal value" cards. I feel like the new system reduces odds of getting lucky and also reduces the level of skill required for drafting. It's not as exciting. It's more difficult to get a large number of wins because everybody's deck seems more equalized. I dunno. I miss the old days, when you would choose between a Magma Rager, an Argent Squire and Ragnaros. One arena, I'd go 0-12, then the next one I'd go 12-0. Nowadays, I just get 3-4 wins almost every time. 6 to 9 if I'm lucky, but I haven't had 12 wins in months and months. I don't play as much as I used to. The game is a little over saturated with cards and I can't keep up.

Maybe make a custom game mode where we can choose what era cards we want to play with. Go back to the old arena. Put Knife Juggler back at the forefront of the meta.
One thing that is perfectly clear to me is that there is no way to get Arena to appeal to everyone.
For every person posting here that Arena has too much RNG, there is someone else posting there is too little RNG.
For every one posting here that Arena takes no skill at all, there is someone else saying it relies too much on skill.

Your example ("a Magma Rager, an Argent Squire and Ragnaros") is exactly why so many people hated the old drafting system. No skill involved at all, this is such an auto pick that the game might just as well just pick it for you. People wanted to be rewarded for their insight in the game mode by being given real choices, where they can then use their experience to make a better pick than what their opponents would have done.
[BTW this example could never actually happen since they are not the same rarity but the point is still valid]

People are still complaining about too much RNG in the draft.
"Why do my opponents "always" have 2 or 3 legendaries and I was offered none in the last three drafts?"
"How can you win when your opponent has two Silver Sword and why do I not get them when I play Paladin"

And yet, here you are complaining about not enough RNG and too much reliance of skill...

P.S. The weekly Tavern Brawl has different rules each week. More than half the time those rules are very, very, very random. If games where you can randomly be on either side of a Ragnaros vs Wisp match are your thing, then you might like that play mode better.

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