Rastakhan's Rumble Release Schedule

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Greetings all!

Since everyone is eagerly awaiting the opening of the arena gates, we wanted to put out what times everyone can expect that to be happening in their region.

NA: December 4th, 10AM PST
EU: December 4th, 10AM PST / December 4th, 7PM CET
Asia: December 4th, 10AM PST / December 5th, 3AM KST / December 5th, 2AM CST
CN: December 4th, 3PM PST / December 5th, 7AM CST

Until then, you can still earn free cards by showing your team spirit!

For those of you who haven't pre-purchased, you still have time! Hurry over to blizz.ly/Rastakhan so you can head into the arena swingin' and ready to rumble!

GLHF and may the loa bless your packs!

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