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12/17/2018 09:57 PMPosted by Gatekeeper
You ever think maybe they want a little bit of prestige behind this card back? Stop whining for a handout ya bums
Prestige vs the Lich king when you had to build 9 specific decks to succeed Yes count me in , succeed by dodging rng bullets ? Well , no thanks.
I'm pretty dubious about the single player stuff.

I won't say it isn't fun for the most part, but there are definitely times where it feels like the RNG is against you, feeding your deck with dead cards while your opponent gets some of the most ridiculous synergies possible and answers for everything.

K&C had me regularly running up against Mr "Your cards look delicious" when I was trying to run a C'thun styled deck. I don't care if it was just bad luck, I still imagine Blizzard flipping me the finger.

In The Witchwood, any time I ran against Soul-stealer W/E who was basically Odd Pally or Token Druid on Steroids, I knew I was doomed. Those decks were cancerous enough in the meta without the ability to literally steal your entire board.

Rastakhan on the other hand? Eh. The whole "defend your totem" thing is a bizarre design choice in a game with no shortage of single-target removal and board clears. Then again, it makes that Buff Pally totem (the one that gets a copy of every buff you cast on other minions) an absolute ROFLstomp, since no other totem in the game (AFAIK) has that kind of ability to defend itself.

So yeah it's definitely fun, but like many Roguelikes (or "rogue-lites" as some people like to hair-split them as) you don't necessarily go in for a fair experience, much less to win the first time.
Strangely enough I did this mode first try and think Monster Hunt is much muuuuuch more annoyingly hard. I took me literally months to beat Glinda but this time I did what the adventures told me: "Super-oppressive aggressive synergie" aka Hunter. You can't go wrong with that totem that gives all your beasts either taunt, poison or rush and the game even offered me a second one - after that the mode was a walk in the park for my beast army.
Not saying the mode can't be hard tho, I see the potential for some other classes/totems to do waaaaay less well.

The card I still think needs reworking is that 4 mana? pirate with rush that fills the board with pirates after it dies. If the a.i. has that one you better pray to rng-jesus that they don't play it on curve and that you got an answer. That one is not well designed.
Too hard !@#$ game, %^-* you Blizzard!
Pretty hard, but not impossible. The rogue shrine that steals cards from your opponent's decks and discounts them is the best one imo, I've won twice with it. Once you get the ability to start with an extra shrine it's easy from there.
My 2nd try I was beat by a Reno Mage that had a spell damage per spells in hand shrine.

It went into fatigue and I wound up concluding because I was out of cards.

I don't know how folks can deal with such broken nonsense.
Beating it once isn't a problem. I failed 10-12 times before I got the final boss down and racked up about 80-90 boss kills before I got my win - but it really feels like there are massive tier discrepancies in the totems.

Top tier (double cast rogue, steal rogue, armor warrior, discard warlock) need a small amount of good luck in the card buckets offered to ensure ongoing synergies

Middle tier (spell damage mage, mana druid, battlecry shaman) need to have some good synergy offered pretty consistently, and having weak shrine buffs can ruin you late in the game.

Low tier (overload shaman, self-damage paladin) really seem next to impossible unless you can almost handcraft the deck and the shrine buffs and feel bad to play because you don't really realize your deck is unsuitable until 4 bosses in.

If you're complaining about not being able to do the run at all, you need to study card interactions more and figure out which shrines are strongest and cycle through until you get them offered to you.

If you're complaining that completion of the run (i.e. all 27 shrines) is extremely challenging or possibly impossible, that (imo) is valid.
IT is too much RNG to be fun then if it isn't hard. Again and again have I've been beaten cuse of !@#$ luck from COMP. So boing.. no skill way to show you rown skill, just 30% skill and 70% luck..
Frustratingly difficult, to me, is not fun.
yeah, its a ridiculous mode, you have a lot of sub par cards in your deck when all ai have none, all this for a card back, hahah, this is stupid and sucks
Literally tried every class and made it past the 6th boss once. Spent at least 15 hours playing. They need to fix this
Not fun. Fun if you massively overkill your opponent, but when you lose, you lose quick and you lose hard with no chance of winning. It feels like it's over before you could even try. The main culprit for this dissatisfaction is the lack of choice.

You can't choose anything. Random shrines, random bucket cards, random teammate cards vs. perfectly crafted computer opponent's decks with synergy every turn with eventually more health and mana than you.

This isn't apparent for the first few challengers, but I've consistently gotten up to the second/last challenger and lose to them having more cards (fatigue), perfect synergy, and they also start out with more mana. I've also been beaten on 2nd challenger due to bad draws and overpowered combos on the opponent's side. RNG will win this expansion.

You need to have a perfect draw throughout the entire match and have had a great selection of bucket cards and teammates in order to win against their perfect decks towards the end. The more the fight drags on in the later matches, the more it plays to your disadvantage. The computer will eventually win out with their perfect deck and synergy card draws. This is artificially making the game longer so that we keep banging our heads on it, thinking it's challenging. It is, but not in a fun way. 158 teams defeated so far.
I agree. It’s just RNG based for the player and bosses have premade decks which their special minions synergizes extremely well. I don’t know if I’m just too unlucky, once I was playing Akali’s champion with 2 Unbound punishers in my deck against Gonk’s Armament. The boss spammed the board with above 7/7 minions and I was hoping to draw Unbound punishers. Somehow I never got one after holding on for 4 turns. This happened 3 times in a row where I just don’t get the right draw when playing Akali’s champion against Gonk’s Armament. (Had less than 8 cards in my deck )
I’ve enjoyed playing it, and won over 20 times. Some are super easy, some seem impossible, some require tons of luck and wise choices.

Treasure from below - around ten times, always pick it, its my fav. Bottled Terror is my best win rate (2/3 attempts), Pirates Mark - 0/8 or so (came close a few times)

The 3 hunter ones, I hate them. The overkill one is ok. The secret one I’ve got blasted in 3 attempts or so. Only picked the other once, seems super weak as well.

Never won with Druid, have only picked them maybe once.

Mantle and Prodigy, came close many times. Flame, won 5 or so times.

Protection is rather easy, Won at Grace once (it was a slaughter, most times I get slaughtered), only tried vengeance once (seems impossible).

The shaman ones are all easy, warlock are difficult, warrior are mixed, priest are easy except for death rattle (finally beat it last night, I slaughtered them every match, typically I haven’t made it past round 4)
not worth the time
01/17/2019 10:01 PMPosted by MeowRanger
The 3 hunter ones, I hate them. The overkill one is ok. The secret one I’ve got blasted in 3 attempts or so. Only picked the other once, seems super weak as well.

The third Hunter shrine is actually quite good IF and only IF you get a way to duplicate it - in my case, I got to draft Cube and absolutely stomped the 8 games - because each different shrine adds a different buff, ie when you have 3 shrines all your beasts spawn with rush/taunt/poisonous.
I have been playing this since it was released and this solo adventures is by far the hardest. I have been a hearthstone casual player for 3 years. I have never had any issues with the previously released single play modes but this one is really difficult. 238+ team battles defeated and 0 final boss wins... I most often get past 6 battles but have only reached the final boss 4 times and 3 of the 4, I got wrecked. The one time I had the shaman on the ropes on the road to a win, Unbound Punisher is dropped destroying my board...
Those that brag how easy it is are not being objective with their opinions. I'm pretty certain those that say they have finished the rumble on the first shot, haven't done it with all the classes on the first try.
It would be better if the last 2 bosses didnt start 2 mana up
This mode is total garbage. The number of "random" losses are too many to fully recall without having a heart attack. I'm at like 160 opponents defeated... and 2 wins. TWO WIN!?!?! Serious? What a joke.

My most recent loss.

CPU casts "9 damage randomly to ALL characters." Goes straight to my face for 9, bringing me to 6. There were 5 legit targets on board, and all 9 went to me? Sure. Passes to my turn. I draw - a Hakkar blood, eat 3 damage. Ok, that sucked, I have like 25 cards in my deck still and that's what I draw? Well, let's see what my next draw is... the re-shuffled Hakkar blood. For another 3 damage. Bringing me to exactly 0. Gtfo.

This mode is complete garbage. The challenge is there, but the amount of BS that occurs is simply too much. My losses feel like total blowouts or random !@#$ like the scenario above. Nothing makes me go "Whoa, that's a tough boss deck, I'm going to need to plan accordingly next time." No, it's complete random trash or OP plays that have no counter to them.

CPU plays turn 1 Prince Keleseth with the triple battlecry Shaman anyone? Yeah that's totally fun to play against on boss 7/8. GG right there. Thanks for spending 30+ minutes crafting your run just to lose to a turn 1 play that you can't do anything about.
Played 7 solo runs atm lost all 7 on challenge 4,seems hard to me -_-

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