2 ragnaros

Bug Report
I played brann bronzebeard for the double battlecry then I played Jan’alai. The Dragonhawk to summon 2 ragnaros the firelord and it bug out twice that made me and my friend disconnected.
Yeh same thing happened with me with a murmuring elemental. My friends saw 2 appears on his board but none of them actually shot anything and we both got disconnected. On my side I only saw one with the small lighting icon under the card, but my friend didn't saw those icon on his side.
I'd like to point out that this is quite game breaking and should be reviewed ASAP. Cause we literally had to terminate the process of the game to quit. I cannot see this being any good for the mobile players.
I just saw the same problem on Stream. It seams the battle cry triggered twice (animations went twice an the card moved as there was a second summon) but only one Ragnaros is seen. trading minions is still possible but when the "End turn" butten is hit nothing happend

Here a clip of it: https://clips.twitch.tv/ManlyEnthusiasticGerbilHeyGirl
Same happened to me. Bran triggers the Dragonhawk effect twice, but when you push the button to complete your turn it does nothing. I also can´t Concede, the only option is to disconnect the game.
Yep same thing happened to me too. Devs pls fix ASAP
SAME FRICKIN’ HERE! This was the first deck I made this expansion and I have to quit every time I do the combo because the game is just frozen
Ugh, just tested this in practice mode to see if it was an issue there too, and it is. The animation goes off fine, it just crashes the game afterwards. I have no idea why this is even a thing, but it needs to be hot fixed pronto.

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