Another bad brawl...

Tavern Brawl Discussion
Do you guys test these? Half the classes are not competitive in this week's brawl due to the box mechanics...
I'd say just join the dark side and EZ mode it, but it doesn't seem to be giving the card back this year, so why bother?
It was fun for the first game then all the retards ran to Hearthpwn to copy their decks. Now it's not so much fun anymore. Meh, what else am I expecting from Hearthstone and its so-called "Players"? LMFAO Think I'll slink back over to M:tG and spend my XMas money there instead on this horrible game. Oh well, Blizzard; Maybe next year, when / if you're still in business.
Welcome to priest/warlock brawl. Where playing any of other class means you might as well just give up. Don't play wild? Too damn bad. Don't have wild cards? Too damn bad. Here at Hearthstone we don't give a $#^/.
Here is what makes it bad.



So all the cheese weasel cards that can scarf every box is being used where others are just using the current set?

Alley Cats are Back. Demons from the Abyss.

Once again Blizzard rewards the Power Gaming I have been here since beta players.

I cant grab em maybe I will silence them? Nope cant. Not fast enough.

Alley Cat Razormaw is back. Warlock has all the destroy minion cards.

Trigger Deathrattles? Might be only hope.

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