Hallucinations: dont play as hunter

Tavern Brawl Discussion
It's ridiculous to get a deck full of beast synergy cards but have no minions in the deck.
You basically have to hope you last long enough high rolling hallucinations and not drawing more dead cards, or hoping the opponent get rexxar or zuljin and somehow doesn't outright ez faceroll you so you can start getting beasts to use the other half of your deck.

Zuljin is just outright abusive and shows how fundamentally broken hearthstone mechanics are by not having reasonable limits. No card should be able to revalue 20+ plus cards.

On the other side cackle with glee when you play any other class and your opponent is a hunter it's gonna be a slaughter.
Also note that if your enemy draws and plays a hero upgrade for your class, you start getting cards for your class instead of theirs.
Another Activision-Blizzard failure.

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