Rumble Drop Rates for Legendaries

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Frankly money spent in this game can be lower compared to some others, depends on your choice. Some games experience $125 per user per month. They associate it to engaging entertainment with friends.
Gaming is evolving, New content and online multi-player both require money to run. Without profits no business would like to do it.

Hearthstone has a good game and content update of $50 can be associated to a game for Xbox or PS4 that I would buy occasionally.

However their community feature in game is not enough to warrant more money as it severely lacks in that department.

I do like the fact that dust does allow you to craft a card you want so you are not blocked on never getting that thing which in some RNG games is not possible.

To close my thoughts, a ~$50 for few months of entertainment is a fair price, provided you can get all rare or lesser cards, most epic and few legendaries - and as long as you can complete the set by playing the game continuously until next one arrives. If I play daily, spend on pre-purchase to get all packs, then end of that I should have all cards I need to compete well.
There’s a reason micro transactions are illegal in Europe.
3 legendaries from 72 packs. Strictly useless ones.
Yeah, too many duplicates, feels like Blizzard is stealing from us.
I've said before, pity timer should be lowered to 20, droprate can remain unchanged. This would mean you're guaranteed a legendary every 20 packs but the averages are almost the same, significantly lowering the impact of bad luck. At the same time, epics should have duplicate protection.

Blizzard would even benefit from this, the chance you might buy 30 packs and recieve no legendaries and epics you already have 2 of is a major disincentive. Remove that disincentive and players will be far more tempted to splash out. You buy 20 packs and you'll definitely get a new legendary and a few new epics. It'd be a tempting offer.
EVery one already knows that digital card games are not worth anything you spend on it. It’s a cheaper way for a company to make cards overall.

And no company thinks they will make more money on hard copy card games anymore otherwise hearthstone and others would have done it.
I think I hit pity timer 3 times in a row after free one. I apparently dont get on my knees and pleasure the blizzard gods enough. Glad I am not alone, but I wouldn't be sad if a camp fire took the home of some upper at blizzard that doesnt give two !@#$s. As an engineer I would be digusted to work for blizzard.

You can tell its rigged too, their new streamer goto pulls 3 golden legendaries among many regulars in a paltry 150 packs. Kudos to them and they seem like good people so I am happy someone got lucky but when its an HS streamer they just picked up. I call shenanigans.
I have spent 180 USD this expansion to get about 187 packs plus 28 packs from gold I was saving. This netted me about 10 legendaries including two made from dusted duplicates.

There are still a number of legendaries I wish to acquire, but also a much larger number that are junk. The chances of opening the ones I want in a pack are slim. So, I think I will stop throwing good money after bad.

Given the lower chances of pulling legendaries from packs and the increased number of expansions per year, this is really looking like a greedy money grab.

I don't like where things are going. So, this will likely be my last expansion.
My wife started playing recently to play agaianst me. She hates it when i spend any money on the game altho i haven't spent much. I have noticed i get better drop rates when i buy packs compared to buying with gold. So when I complain to my wife she says they are a business they want to make money and don't care what people get as long as they get the money. She's a business major too and says this is basically common practice in most businesses and that the businesses that work for the customers never last because they end up taking a loss and end up going out of business.
I think Blizz could alter things just a bit to make the game work better for everyone and not just those dumping hundreds or in some cases thousands of dollars into the game. But I guess they're screwing their paying customers now too. What a shame cuz Blizz has a great game here that feels like they're gna run into the ground. I've read some people think HS wont be around 2 years from now. But that's all conjecture I guess.
I opened 7 packs and got 2 legendaries altho both warrior and i will be DEing one of em cuz its gold and I don't play rush warrior. It does feel like gambling though lol.
It's just your luck this time around. I got 8 in 106 packs.
spent the 50 bucks, didn't get !@#$ I wanted. Been playing arena to earn packs. About 70 packs opened with 2 legendaries and 2 epics. seems like over 90% of packs have nothing but the 1 guaranteed rare. I've been playing this game since beta, I'm an infinite arena player. However, a full arena run takes 1-2 hours. Extremely bored of arena, a few decks I want to build and play but can't. WoW is trashy, Diablo 3 is 10 years old, this game blows. You've lost me blizzard. I'd sell my account if you weren't %^-*s about that too.

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