I sold my car because of hunters

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If she didn’t support your quest to beat hunters then she wasn’t a keeper anyway.
I Pulled My Finger nail clean off Just so I could be a part Of this conversation.
Hope it was worth it .
01/03/2019 06:09 PMPosted by Gwyneth
01/03/2019 06:06 PMPosted by Haunter187
Shoulda sold your GF instead, you could have bought more packs and still kept the car.

Because girls are property that can be bought and sold?

Imaginary ones can be. Like the imaginary one in the OP's imaginary story
01/03/2019 01:19 PMPosted by ThinIce
This thread will be now about toe nail injuries.

There was this time I had my neighbor come over to help me redecorate my home for a house television show against my gilded doorknob obsessed rival. We were moving a couch but he dropped it on my foot. After telling him to ease up on it, he moved the couch in a way that broke my toe nail off and rode it up my foot. It broke off and I tried carrying the couch instead but I slipped on the toenail into a wall and the couch broke.

Fun times.
01/03/2019 07:53 PMPosted by Kat
Why all the downvotes? This thread is gold.

Agreed. I also think this is a true story. If this was a troll thread, there would be hidden salt. This guy is authentically enthusiastic to fight hunters. It's probably the only actual positive post on the forums right now.

OP, good luck, bro. Use your walking time now to reflect on how sweet owning hunters is, but also in figuring out an escape plan if you get too hooked. Enjoy it while its fresh to you though, because boy does in get bad when its stale.
01/03/2019 07:53 PMPosted by Kat
Why all the downvotes? This thread is gold.

Because there are some people that actually believe in OP story
All of the above is Not halve as bad as accidently stepping on a lego brick.

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