This brawl could have arena rewards

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I think this week's tavern brawl is skill based, with several choices to make each turn because of hallucination's discover effect. Not only do you need to pick the best cards, you also need to decide how fast you want your deck to go. You also need to decide which class you want to be, as that determines what your opponent gets. There's no easy answers.

I had an epic game where my opponent had Fal'dorei Strider and kept getting 4/4's, while I used aluneth to overdraw my deck and sorcerer's apprentice to discount the hallucinations.

This week's tavern brawl is worthy of arena style format: keep playing until you get 12 wins or 3 losses, and have arena style prices and rewards. This would encourage people to play at a high skill level, as the decisions give a high skill cap but there is no rewards beyond the initial pack and 10 gold every 3 wins. Having an arena style format would excite people and motivate them to put their best foot forward. We've seen it for standard mode and wild mode, why not for a high skill cap tavern brawl?
a deck filled with the discover mechanic and a few random class cards that could be complete garbage doesn't require skill
When I played as a Druid, against a Rogue, it was great. I Discovered the Spectral Cutlass (2/2 Lifesteal weapon; each card you play from another class grants +1 durability).

All the Hallucinations triggered the Durability bonus, so I got to keep the Spectral Cutlass all the way through the end of a very long game. (The cards I Discovered from the Hallucinations helped too, until my opponent Discovered Malfurion the Pestilent, and then my Hallucinations started giving me Druid cards.)

Yes, I won. :-)

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