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Hunter players related post - do not read if you don't like to use brains

So, I was very much bugged to see that Hunter got another win condition - Zuljin, when already it had DK Rexxar and Rhok'delar to supply him with tremendous amount of value in single turn, possibly enough to finish the game. But the problem was not that such powerful cards were introduces. The problem lies in great adaptability of Hunter to any kind of situation and course the game could take. Out of my 20 ranked games, my opponent was Hunter 13 times.

Why? Well, It's easy to guess. Hunter can integrate multiple win conditions in one deck, and furthermore, such win conditions stack very well with each other! Spell Hunter now can try to overwhelm the opponent with spell generated minions (random beast, wondering monster, spellstones, To My Side etc) and direct damage like Kill Command and Hero Power. If such gameplay goes awry and opponent manages to survive the onslaught, there is Zuljin to refill the board with beasts and some more secrets, and even if some kind of miracle savest the opponent, there is tracking to discover DK which will supply him with huge beasts every single turn. Of course, you can try combining DK with beast face hunter and deathrattle hunter, the possibilities are endless to combine multiple win conditions within 30 cards.

The second thing should have had another post, but I just wish to stress that, since I lost numerous times to this OP class (not deck, but class), many of those will think of this as a biased post, but I care not. Since nobody cares that the game has been effectively ruined, I don't care what such players have to say. Does everyone who loses to certain deck has no right to think of opponent's class or deck as OP? I must say, seeing that many of you come from a neoliberal countries, it is normal to "blame the victim" since it is easier to punish individual player than to work on the whole problem, and it was precisely that sort of rhetorics that went on since Journey to Un'Goro led the game to become a nest for !@#$play(ers) (OTKs, combos, face decks...). So, those who think that "whiners" have no right to speak about the game are just as biased as those who they tend to criticize.

Of course hunter players will want this situation to remain uncontested, so it will be pretty easy to guess who is playing hunter in the comments below. And now, I am ready for their down votes but they won't mean a squat to me, since much of the HS community believes the things said here, but they were systematically silenced by majority of those who play the OP decks.
I can understand the frustration, especially when playing against a class that has a number of viable, tier 2 and tier 1 decks at the moment.

Perhaps you could share more specifically about what you're having trouble with and we could give you advice on how to beat it. For instance you should always mulligan for some kind of board clear and keep it for their spell stone.

It would also be helpful to provide some insight on how you think the class or cards could be changed instead of just mindlessly complaining as that's not typically well received nor will it actually change anything.
It sure is easy when the enemy decides to proc every secret, like a shrimp without a second thought.

It is easy because you make it easy for us.

I'm curious what you consider to be 'difficult' to play. Mecha'thun priest?
No deck in the game is hard to play. Hearthstone is designed to be easy enough to be played by children or casual people on the toilet.

Let's face it, every deck in the game is "brainless".
Hunter is ok. I hit legend this month playing spiteful priest. Used a dragon package and that 5 drop that destroys secrets. Had a super easy climb. You can play decks again that are not otks. Druid sucks now and hunter just tech in cards. Raza priest was broken... Pirate Warrior, Murloc Pally. It's pretty easy and pretty boring right now.
Even jutstthe Classic Hunter still rock and rolls.

Get that 1 drop out there
Animal Companion (Get Hogger)
Houndmaster +2/+2
Flanking Shot
2 x Kill Command

Right matchups and hitting that sweet spot draw. Done by 6 or 7.

The Fin Fang Foom decks.

Even Shaman
get out my minions and flame tongues with +2/+2 elemental
done by 5 - 7

Quest Murloc
hit it right can be done by turn 4 sometimes.

Odd Rogue

Matchups and Opening hands.
Well Hunter is aggressive face class. You beat those classes by removing their minions and healing. But Blizzard saw fit to give them deathrattle synergy. Plus the ability to fill the board with minions that only spawn after you attack, meaning you can't react. Pretty freaking dumb if you ask me.

So yeah, super easy. You nearly always have the attacking advantage.
I am new to this game and I basically play slight modifications to the basic paladin and warlock decks (Since I dont have a lot of cards atm). I managed to play in games of rank 20 - 19,throughout all my games I mostly lose to hunters. Secrets they play are very difficult to play around since they can easily swing the board.

The things I find frustrating are the spellstones which can easily clear my minions. Of course equality consc is a counter but there are situations where either I cannot get these 2 cards on hand at the right time or if I am forced to use them in other situations where he has board control.

DK Rexxar and Zul Jin also feels like a cheap way for hunter to swing the game to their advantage. I tried playing hunter with adapt beasts and I do find it easier to win games since I can fill the board with strong minions easily.
Yep getting real fatigued from playing them constantly. Ever other game is hunter followed by hunter. Nothing will be done though, this meta is pretty screwed.

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