Garbage brawl

Tavern Brawl Discussion
This new brawl is total garbage. Isn't hard to get a win but the random treasure isn't random at all. Still waiting for a random anything in this game to be actually random. RNG competitions aren't really that great but if you're going to advertise as being random it should at least be as advertised. See the same gifts over and over and over and over and over.
Stop development on mobile diablo and the other mobile garbage and actually put some effort into your pre-existing games.
Not true at all.
This brawl is fine once a year. I like Grinch Warlock and stealing all the Presents.
Are you actually saying a brawl is garbage because they didnt make it completely random in order to semi balance it? This is clearly one of the most balanced brawls ever to be made (around 3 classes mostly, unfortunately) because it isn't completely random. Why on earth would you want a COMPLETELY random game? The fact your options are limited but semi random means if you learn them and anticipate what you'll get/build your deck around it, it becomes muuch more skill based while still offering a good random aspect.

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