This Brawl sure Hates Druids.

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Lets make players sit for 2 turns doing nothing while their Opponent Buffs their Hand/Field/Deck and Steamrolls you on turn 3.
Tried to win 4 games as druid, never came close in a single game. All the cards given are useless and cannot even trade 1 for 1, meanwhile every other class has crazy cards and abilities that destroy everything the druid deck has. Like why does mage get the 2 damage hero power...
Played the Druid deck a bunch of times: the highest ATK I reached was 2 (Twig + Hero Power), never even drew ATK raisers except for Savage Roar which I never got to use because I had no ways to keep my field (I suppose I could use a whopping 5 mana just for an Armor-less Claw, but I never even got to a mana amount where I could afford to waste 5 mana like that). However, bad luck did play a part in that (same with Warlock: I'd almost never draw the High Priestess and the Broodmother making it a terrible deck, while ALL my Warlock opponents had both of them early game already...).

On the other hand, the Priest deck really surprised me. Surrender to Madness might not be the meme card we thought it was. Having stuff like 10/10 Scalebanes (thanks to Keleseth as well) is incredible. It worked against Mage, which can definitely unleash some early game pressure thanks to the Hero Power.
12/12/2018 01:58 PMPosted by NeoLump
All the cards given are useless and cannot even trade 1 for 1

Because they want you to attack with your face using Gronk(7mana) and floop(4mana) by breaking "twig of the world tree" that turn, or using coin and pounces(0 mana). Then everytime you kill a minion you get TWO extra attacks.

Use your minions to soften targets in preparation of your hero attack round.
Good luck getting key cards in hand, having a good board state(lots of enemy minions) and getting vital cards played the same round with this decklist though.
Druid deck is definitely harder to navigate.

I have been playing this buff priest and having a ball. Throw out that card that puts a dead minion into your deck at 1 cost, buff them trading mana crystals, and then fill your hand with that 7 mana cost hand filler (or is it 6? can't recall right now; just play it when you have cost + 1 mana in order not to over draw). It's a blast.

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