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Every run its the same thing. You get stomped by constructed like decks while I get a horrible draft without early or late game.
It seems like Arena is all about getting OP combos and win by turn 5 now.
Agreed. I just made a post myself. Best to play numerous times and see the general gameplay. I got stomped by a Rogue twice...played her and lost. It's RNG I guess on this mode. Hope you get that win... eventually.
I just realized I referred to Tavern Brawl and not Arena. fml. My post is in this thread as well...
Faced warrior who had endless taunts, endless mechs endless everything...everything he needed he had it and then some...broken record or not arena right now is not good....not even close to good.
Not sure I agree completely. Sometimes I do get a garbage draft and think maybe I should just retire and try again. However, I've had plenty of 7+ win runs where I thought my deck was incredibly mediocre yet I still had a nice record in the end.

You have to make the most with what you are given and not go straight for the "best picks", but instead adapt to the card pool that's presented.
I have gotten 10+ with some very bad decks because I ran into opponent that had these so called OP deck and then proceeded to make the worst possible plays every turn. Good play is always going to get you further than good cards. It also help if you try to go into the draft with a strategy other than just objectively picking the highest rated card from a tier list. Often times its better to draft a theme like agro or control and fill out a curve with cards that work in those strategies instead of random Midrange pile. Often it seems like people fall into the Midrange trap and miss strong synergies and themes they were offered and run into someone who didn't and we have another guy like the OP that thinks every deck they face is OP when they really aren't all that.
Just lost another great Arena game, my opponent already used 2 assasinates, 3 walk the planks. What does he top deck ... A fourth walk the plank... this wasn't even at 7-8 wins this happened while i was at 2-2 i don't even know how i'm supposed to even try and counter play that. This is just a single example there are plenty of "oke" i go second, well better prepare the "pls don't die before i can stabalize the board, and hope he doesn't topdeck a perfect answer to that flimsy 2 taunts in his way"
And if you had a fast aggro deck with wide board, you probably will walk all over that rogue. Sometime it is just the match up.
I just faced zoo warlock in was if he had constructed it then brought it with...really lost for words.
The bucket system dont matches you up with so many minions that dont sync at all...and then if they do sync the RNG gods draw you high cost minions first until you are completely bottle necked to concede. Arena was good when it was a shootout. The reason the warrior thrives so high now is because of the appearance of new class which the warrior's are pretty damn OP. Now without MCT you should be able to get class cards more often. I hate standard but I am so fed up with arena and how they think its solid with this system. Get it fixed blizz seriously you have no idea how bad it is.
usually halfway to 2/3rds of the draft when I get zero spells and all neutral cards with no minion sustain, I pick every card that is good for aggro

this can save you cause in the late game versus a godly deck, you are screwed.
I hate to !@#$% ^-*!@ #$%^- but I pay money to play this game on occasion and the system dont work...its so vanilla. BRING BACK THE SHOOTOUT. ENDLESS SPELLS ENDLESS CHAOS. Chaos belongs in the Arena...leave the minion bash for TB.

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