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Thanks You, Blizzard.

I just gained 3250 dust from nerfs.

Can we get more NERFS =D
wow, must have had a bunch of cards or a bunch of hard not to just slam that mass disenchant button...either way...congrats!
1x Golden Leeching Poison, 1xLeeching Poison
1x Golden Nourish, 8xNourish,
2x Level up, &
4x Chain gangs

It pays to horde cards. I do not use the mass d/e button. I would have lost. 640 dust if i did that.
That’s a lot of nourishment.
This is why you should never press the "button," and when you need dust, instead selectively dust cards that you are most certainly sure won't ever be nerfed.

I've held onto all my copies of Saronite Chain Gangs for this reason. I knew something would be done about the card considering what it did, although I didn't expect Leeching Poison to be nerfed ever. I know I've dusted some of those before, sadly. It's a shame, but what can you do. I still got somewhere over 1,000 dust from the nerfed cards.
wait. you had 8 of the same card? id like to see a screenshot of that. does it actually show the number of a card you have?

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