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Okay, so say, for example, you had a good run and got a 7 or 10-win Arena session, but when you got your prizes after it was over, instead of the one box containing your Arena refund, you got a box containing a Golden Classic Pack. Would that be fine, or would you rather have another free Arena run?
Free Arena run

I think way more people would care about gold than would care about golden cards - lets you do another arena, or buy a pack if you so choose. Golden cards are nice, but getting it as a reward for spending your gold is kind of annoying. You'd only be able to afford 1 arena run every 3 days from quests alone so it would suck to do well in arena then not be able to afford another (personally).
It would be very nice as a rare reward for very good runs (eg 10+ wins), but it should not replace the guaranteed 150+ gold reward you get from 7+ wins, nor the guaranteed last expansion pack.

I don't think a "Free Arena Run" ticket should even be awarded for a normal run completion, as Inifn already says 150 gold is equivalent but more flexible.
(The free arena ticket given when runs are forcefully ended for special events should of course not be removed)

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