any of these legendaries ok to dust?

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came back after a long break(aggro hunter days), and I am kinda low on dust so any of these legendaries ok to dust?(i probably will build either spell hunter or odd paladin which seem like the cheapest meta decks)

deathstalker rexxar
king krush
bwonsamdi the dead
edwin vancleef
leeroy jenkins
the black knight
kangor's endless army
Griftah maybe. The rest are actually really good. You're also gonna want the rexxar for your spell hunter and don't craft odd pally because it's about to disappear.
Griftah is the only dustable card.

The rest are played a lot.
1. Griftah

Seems like the most useless card, but you never know for sure...

2. Black Knight

This is a classic card, and it never was a "must have". If you disenchant him, you may get him again after opening a classic pack in the future.

3. Nothing

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