Powerful cards that don't receive complaints.

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Tundra Rhino.

If your opponent can somehow give it Stealth via Deathstalker Rexxar, forget about it.

If it wasn't for Death Knights leaving next rotation, I'd be putting money on Tundra Rhino going to the Hall of Fame.
Saw the thread title and immediately thought "Wild Pyro", but someone already beat me to it.

Firefly. It's the Haunted Creeper of our times. Probably half as much responsible for Keleseth's popularity than Prince 2 himself.

Tracking. For me it's auto-include in any Hunter deck, 2-of if possible, and gives the class so much consistency. I'm playing Shaman these days, and the reliance on drawing in the correct order is killing me.

Kobold Librarian. I guess this one has been complained about (a liiiiiittle). Card is just insane.
man honestly most of the cards can be op when played at the right time and with some luck. I dont get why people here are getting butthurt about it. each class has some op cards. well druid mana nerf got it killed. LOL
12/28/2018 09:52 PMPosted by Lykotic
Speaking of that guy on the Paladin side Grimestreet Enforcer can be scary good in the deck. I always build a buff or semi-buff Paladin in Wild when I rotate to Paladin as my play class for a bit and when I feel I've come close to getting the deck right Grimestreet Enforcer is always a key card in getting it close to there.

Grimestreet Enforcer and Drakkari Enchanter. I loved getting that combo in my buff pally deck. Both had to be instantly removed or my late game was crazy.

*puts on shades*
12/28/2018 06:14 PMPosted by AnonymAlts
I think tracking is fine because it discards the other 2.
Warrior discover a Mech. If at 10 Crystals keep all 3.

Should be Discover Ziliax and pick 2 rush buddy companions.

At the end of your turn recruit a Dragon.

Ysera and all 9+ cost dragons summoned and played for free
12/29/2018 12:27 AMPosted by Marcoscongas
Subject 9. People just don’t realize how often the card draw provided was the reason they lost.

Lot of people fail to evaluate the deck cycle potential that recruit and, in general, tutored draw provides.

Subject 9 thins your deck, allowing you to find Zul'jin and Rexxar faster. That's extremely powerful, considering you're not planning on going far into fatigue.

Also why CtA is ran in control / OTK paladin.
call me Old School but this might be more for the "Wild" players

Pilfered Power - Makes Ramp look like a Joke with Whispering Woods/living Mana late game.
Flanking Strike.

Despite my efforts to help people realize just how much this one card contributes to hunters continued success.

It entirely unmakes the tempo of the previous turns while pushing yours forward. Its functionally similar to Duskbreaker with the advantage of not clearing your side.

I also agree with dynomatic, and subject 9. Especially subject 9. No one even realizes that the game was ended
Not sure if it’s been mentioned but Val’anyr on the curve generates crazy value for paladin (most time even paladin) crazy value.
Rin is one that comes to mind, I mean, eventually blowing up your opponents decks is certainly rather powerful!
Up till not long ago dk rexxar was one of these cards.
6-12 months ago someone made a thread called "dk rexxar is the most powerfull/best dk now" it got over 20 downvotes lol and i was one of the very few people who actually agreed with the op. Maybe we can still find that thread in the archives somewhere. This would be a great time to necro it.

What can we learn from this: a card is only as good as its support cards. No deck can run on 1 card alone.
Time out

and i always thought Divine Favour was kind of problematic

I also thought mana wyrm and northshire cleric were of similar power level but one of them got nerfed so cleric gets an honorary mention.
I've looked over the thread some more an you guys opened my eyes to quite a few cards, so thanks.

I want to add, incase anyone is looking over these cards whether you're a newish player or veteran. That the cards listed in this thread are cards worth keeping in your collection if you've been pondering disenchanting some cards, don't pick these. As it's quite likely you could get some degree of power from the cards listed.

Cost 9 Play 3 minions from your hand - oh, I know. I will wait until I only have 8s and 9s in my hand.

Look! I just played 25 cost worth of minions for 9 AND they all have rush. Ysera+ whatever else.
I haven't seen many complaints about her since Rogue Quest has fallen from meta, but Sonya Shadowdancer should be included.
In a vacuum I think DK Valeera is the strongest DK, just needs the right deck/class to support her, yet she always slides under the radar.
New card but mass hysteria might be getting there.

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