Hearthstone feels terrible right now

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12/30/2018 01:22 AMPosted by Hexs
Rastakhan's Rumble and all my excitement for it went out the window once it became clear Blizzard deigned to nerf every other meta deck except hunter.

Why bother advertising 9 classes when you really only want folks to play one or two?
Lol. I mentioned this in regards to DR and the endless RNG effects of cards ATM. Recent nerfs have made the card and Hunter way stronger. Got a lot of dissaproval for it lol. Must be a newbie thing....also Control Priest decks eat Spell Hunter for anyone having difficulty.
12/30/2018 07:42 AMPosted by Sixpense

you seem to forget the decks that got touched deserved it, and most of the people online were indeed complaining about them.

So people complaining then were more valid than people complaining now? Do you snack on paint chips by chance ?

At least before the nerfs we had a MUCH more diverse meta and the only exorbitant win rate was odd paladin (for 2 weeks) ... Now it's just all hunters... GOOD CHANGE BLIZZ.

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