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Is it more economic to disenchant extra cards of current expansion as you go or to buy packs of an old expansion , which you have every card , and just disenchant those?

Asking basically if it would be more expeditious to craft cards you need vs. getting random cards
It is better to buy packs which can drop you a desired card than buy something else to disenchant and craft.
Don't buy anything! Just play with what you have collect gold and dust and craft what you want to play with....with the current crying from players and nerf bat swinging going on your money could be seriously wasted.
The dust value that a pack gives should be relatively static from expansion to expansion (please confirm) so it shouldn't matter what packs you buy from that standpoint. But if you are buying for the sole purpose of disenchanting, it will be easier to buy the set that you have most complete, because then you just click the button to disenchant rather than hunting through your collection for individual cards to dust.

*BUT* if you are trying to max your dust, the real consideration is your pity timer. Packs will become more valuable (in terms of expected dust) as you approach that next legendary and then become less valuable once it is opened. So the strategy is to buy incremental packs up until you open a legendary and then repeat the process with packs from a different set.

Edit: I reread the OP and of course if you are fishing for specific cards, buying that expansion would be best because you always have the chance of opening the one you are considering crafting.

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