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Was thinking about how Hearthstone likes to ditch the player with bad RNG on the opening draw and what could be done to better the opening experience for players.

Is there a reason the card count needs to be three for the person going first and four for the person going second? I mean, I almost prefer going second just because the person going first rarely has a 1-Drop and when they do, I usually have a counter. Why not just let both players start with 5 Cards?
The game is not made for both players to start with 5 cards.
But i do agree, second player is given more information than first one. I'm ok second player starts with an extra card. But in my opinion, both players should be able to mulligan only the first 3 cards.
The developers may have tried various options during the initial design stage and derive with the current system, so that they can minimise the win rate gap between whom start 1st and second.

It is hard to assume the effect for your suggestion w/o seeing true test results.

As you mentioned, the consistency of the game may be affected. Which if you see current winrate(start with or w/o coin) data for odd/even decks may have an usual wider gap than expected.

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