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Just curious what everyone loved playing. My question to you is:

What was your favourite deck of ALL TIME?

Let's keep the hate low, just a passing thread :D.
Hmmm Secret Pally, Even Shaman and Old School Zoo lock in order.
Jade Druid .

Skill and thought provoking gameplay from 25 to legend every month!
Midrange Shaman and Crusher Shaman after Nax adventure and midrange paladin during GvG. Seriously, Paladin class before GvG was competing with priest on being the worst class in the game.
Raza Shadowreaper Anduin.

For a Priest main going from meme tier to a viable competitive deck, it felt like the biggest thing in the world. The highlander nature of the deck meant you needed to make critical decisions almost every turn. A card you use is one tool that will not be available to you again, unlike other decks where you can have 2 copies. Should we be greedy? Use a potential finisher card just to survive?

Was good while it lasted.
1. Control Lock before lackey nerf
2. Kingsbane Rogue before the recent nerf
Hipster Highlander Priest before shadowreaper anduin was a thing.
My decks where u get blown up at the end and i win the game. So fun.
- Demon Warlock WILD (Mal'Ganis is just the titts there and it kinda feels like playing the villain/boss)
- Dragon Priest WILD (dunno ... HS has been rubbing these dragons in my face for years now, I kinda accepted and grew to like them + the theme of a dragon conquering Tyrande ist very cool)
- Handbuff-Mech Paladin WILD (My own recipee ... and I'm kinda proud that it works ok-ish)
Reno Mage

Specifically when we had the small period when Brann Kazacus and Reno were in the the rotation. Only about 3 months

We also had Medivh and Firelance Portal in the mix and ohhhhh god that deck was just the most fun I’ve ever had in this game

Nothing has come close to that deck before or since
I'm always afraid I'm going to get flack for this, but old Force/Savage Combo Druid.

Keep in mind, it was a much different meta, with Face Hunters having 2/1 Leper Gnomes, 2-cost Ironbeak Owls and Glaive-zooka rushing you down, and the only real defense most people had against them were Sludge Belchers. There were also Handlocks in this meta, with 20-cost Molten Giants, Defenders of Argus, and Antique Healbots. The closest thing to a 'resummon entire board' mechanic was Kel'Thuzad.

At this time, Force/Savage was one of the best decks to play. Most people's reaction to Face Hunter was just to stall until they ran out of gas, but Combo Druid could actually flip the switch with a Savage Roar and kill the darn hunter instead of having them run out of resources -- that's not to say that I didn't pull out a copy of Force of Nature for an extra Antique Healbot (that greatly raised my win rate against them). Handlock could be a big challenge, but the threat of the Force/Savage combo meant if you kept them above ~15 life, Molten Giants couldn't be played for free in conjunction with Defender of Argus, and you could kill them in one burst, making the Handlock have to put up other defenses that didn't rely on 0-cost 8/8 taunts. Get too greedy, and right as you killed the last Molten Giant, they'd play Jaraxxus and heal themselves back up, so if you were going to kill them, you had to try and do it all in one go -- minions like Haunted Creeper and Piloted Shredder definitely helped extend the kill range if they weren't removed.

Mid-range, but versatile. Frustrating to face, but satisfying if you could anticipate the combo and know when to stall via taunts or Loatheb. Playing it, there were a lot of little decisions, especially when it came down to the wire and you had to consider whether you should play a piece of your combo early to survive or clear something.

I know, people hate the deck, but I quite enjoyed it at the time.
Jade Druid, Big druid, Army of Beast Druid, Yogg Druid, C'thun Druid, N'zoth Druid - all good times and Adept to the games change, Druid isn't as it use to be, amazing and Wild, now it's Combo only
Old school Control Fatigue Warrior/Priest Decks, Traditional Midrange Hunter/Zoolock, Grim Patron
My fav deck of all time? Guess which one
12/27/2018 03:23 AMPosted by VulDread
Old school Control Fatigue Warrior/Priest Decks, Traditional Midrange Hunter/Zoolock, Grim Patron

Golden Monkey Control Warrior?!
That was sooo much fun
It was a simpler time
I really like ele decks.. Either class shal and Ele..
It's all my fault....

Big druid. The original mana cheater with a bunch of big minions including Y'saarj and dragonlord.

It was so fun, the devs decided to make the whole game about mana cheating. Yay!
Weasel Priest.
Totem Shaman
Pre nerf Yogg mage. I was just as likely to pyro myself in the face as the enemy, but it was always a blast watching the chaos.

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