Jan’alai + Brann + DK Jaina BUG

Bug Report
Hi, mostly wild and mostly mobile Hearthstone player here and the first deck I made with this new set crashes every time I get the combo, it crashes. While playing as the Death Knight Jaina, play Brann Bronzebeard and then play Jan’alai and it gives me two Ragnaros on the field but then they don’t get lifesteal and the game freezes and I have to force quit to continue playing the same game. When logging back in, the game is in motion and the Rags have healed me for 16. But I have to quit the whole game to continue playing. I play on an iPhone almost always. Also while I’m here complaining about stuff, during that dual-class arena, I was at 2 losses, but then I won a game and the run ended immediately. I did not retire it. It took me directly to rewards, no click on the key, no nothing. Won a game, then at less than 12 wins, it kicked me. The dual-class arena still had a few more days left and I had to buy a new arena run. Has happened before too.

Another Wild player here, I saw this post in the Forums, I decided to test out this bug too. Well, my Ragnaros's didn't have lifesteal since I wasn't playing Frost Lich Jaina. But, I did suddenly get disconnected, and was able to end my turn without either Ragnaros going off, when I played Brann, and then Jana'lai.

Hey look Blizzard. I'm not even mad, alright? Lot of cards, lot of code, an oops happened. Seriously though, fix this. I paid money for pre-order, and this combo gives me a fun new deck to play, that I, among many others look forward to playing. Fix this.

@OP, I could have just made my own topic, but yours was here first, and I figure since my only real intent is to call more attention to this. This will work.
This is indeed a bug. I played (Brann Bronzebeard > Jain'alai the, the Dragonhawk) in that order, and the game decided to do nothing after that sequence and my 'End Turn' button didn't flip over when pressed.

Similarly, the very next game I played did the same thing, but hitting the 'End Turn' button greyed it out and the game again decided to do nothing. My hero's voice emotes continued to taunt me, for I assume that the game thought it was my turn still.

I was also playing on the phone (iPhone 6s) and had to force quit the application to get back into the game.

It's kind of sad that this was my freebie Legendary, and it was broken from the start.

@Aja You might consider changing the title to exclude Jaina, because the bug happens even without her.
It does it without Jaina
Happened to me too! Was really excited to try this deck. :(
Blizzard! Why are you breaking the game, before we play our possibly broken combo? wth?! It's our job to try and break the game, your job to try and keep us from doing so. But you don't do so by literally making the combo break the game lol

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