Stuck at launch screen doors on iOS 12.1.1

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Stuck at launch screen doors on iOS 12.1.1 .... on two devices, iPad 10.5 and iPhone XS. Tried two different connections , Comcast WiFi, and Verizon 4g lte on both devices and still stuck. Uninstalled game, then reinstalled, repatched... still stuck.
Disregard it’s working now. I didn’t do anything special just waited several hours...
I have the same problem on 2 different devices ( iphone X and ipad ). The game stays freeze on a door screen. I tried to unstall the app few times, turn off the phone but nothing change
iOS 12.1.1
Having same problem...any solution?
Same problem here, iPad 11 iOS 12.1.4., I am asked to log in or start from skretch. When I chose log in, it gets stuck. Reinstalling and updating iOS from 12.1.2 did not help.

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