Paladin tavern brawl deck is a joke

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Sorry this deck is not competitive and has too many trash cards. It gets hard countered by Mage they even have ooze for weapon removal, tons of aoes, voodoo doll, etc.

What were you clowns thinking?
That pally could high roll opening hand maintain board with buffs then finish with broken OP vanessa or prelate
Its far better than the joke of a Hunter deck.
I actually felt the Paladin deck's the best. Don't bring out the Immortal Prelate until you're ready to buff it in the same turn (with a Spell other than Sound the Bells, which is best for the next turn. Best case scenario is the Stegadon), and you'll likely win. 9/10 Paladins I've faced bring it out ASAP for some reason, which is a complete waste of a turn and also a complete waste of a future draw.
OP is right. I actually laughed at your post Zerfinity. Every big card I played against mage got hard countered. They know to hold voodoo doll for Vanessa. I tried coaxing out voodoo, but had to play Vanessa and had a 15/24 Vanessa or something like that. Zoinks. If it's not an aggro deck you have no chance playing midrange or buff against Mage unless your opponent is an idiot. I queued up to 10 Mages in a row. THAT ALONE says your post is bull.
Well, I've been playing Paladin a bunch of times and had nothing but good results so far. Big beefy Immortal Prelates is something I get out in almost all of them. Heck, I've never even drawn Lynessa, yet I still keep winning.

I just do the same thing each game: play a bunch of cards to keep my opponent busy, never play any of my buffs at this point, then when I feel the time's right I drop Immortal Prelate and buff it. If it's taken care of, I play the second one and buff that one. If that's taken care of, I once away will NOT play any buffs whatsoever and just wait until I've redrawn 1 of the Prelates. Also, make sure you keep your hand low on minions so Farraki Battleaxe is guaranteed to buff the Prelate.

So far 100% of the Paladins I've faced either drop Immortal Prelate too soon or waste their buffs on other minions. If that's what you do, yeah then you may as well just concede.
I've noticed the Shaman deck is pretty awful, so far I'm seeing all 8 of the other classes recipes beat it.
Yeah I thought Shaman was pretty weak overall.

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