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Bug Report
Hello, I just made another thread like this but it didn't appear anywhere. So: the text on GK states it should regain divine shield after gaining health. However, this interaction doesn't hold true for TC when you're above 20 health points.
It sometimes takes a while before a new post is visble.

Do you have any screenshots or an link to the game where this happened? It is really important to have full information on the entire game state at the time of the issue, to assist in finding out the exact root cause.
Hello, thanks for the quick reply. Someone gave me a link to supposed solution but the page was 404. I don't have a screenshot, I will try to get it against the inkeeper. But this is a reoccurring issue as I played a lot of paladin this month and have seen it more than once.
Then I would recommend that you to install a deck tracker. That way you could share a full game replay, that would show much more than just few screenshots.
01/01/2019 11:59 PMPosted by KCTH
when you're above 20 health points

I don't understand why 20 would be significant. Did you mean 30 instead of 20?

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