Are Hunters OP?

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I mean they seem to have every advantage a game like this can give you atm. They can fill a board and attack you regardless. Zombeasts make it even worse. Spell hunter is just game over....
atm its best to just auto-concede vs spell/secret hunter and quest warriors(they are the ones who activate baku at start of match to make their hero power give 4x armor) saves u alot of time in both the short and long run since they can easily drag game till they win.
There will always be a "Best" class. This time it's Hunter (though arguably it's also Paladin but because Hunter beats aggro Pally(which itself beats pretty much everything else) Hunter gets the hate). Six months ago it was Druid, six months before that Priest and Mage before that.

What happens is this, between Nerfs, rotations and new cards, every top tier class eventually gets knocked down and a new one takes it's place.

And then people have something new to whine about for a few months before the cycle repeats itself.
Yes. Rexxar and Zuljin are both very OP not to mention other cards that synergize way too well. Hunter needs a big nerf. Hunter was so good before this expansion I cant believe they printed Zuljin..
Honestly I get the cycle and I am not complaining but all I am facing is hunter. They should put some type of filter. Getting a value of 9/9 in 2/3 turns is a bit too op. I am playing a top ranking deck that is used in legend but even it cannot do anything against that. If it was one minion sure no but do something you die don’t and you also die.
Once Un'Goro, Knights of the Frozen throne and Kobolds & Catacombs rotate out, they'll have a lot less tools to take advantage of in Standard.
all I am facing is hunter. .

Well....not ALL. 75% hunters 15% odd mage 10% dragon priest.
That's it. Just those 3 for weeks and weeks.
Well I don't mind playing against them at all but in my last 20 games I faced 17 hunters. Realy boring boring boring ...

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