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I've noticed this for a long time and it irks me a little bit.

After finishing an arena run and using your key, the gold display on the bottom right updates with your reward gold before opening the chests.

It's such a small thing, but I would honestly prefer that the gold display is hidden until after you open the rewards.
The reason for this is, most likely, ensuring that players never miss out on rewards.

This is an online game. As a developer, you need to think about scenarios such as: player's computer crashes / internet connection fails / game server crashes. And all these scenarios can happen at different times.

The screen where you unlock the rewards, like the screen where you open card packs, is important for player experience. But it's a nightmare for developers. Imagine having to cater for all of the three above categories, and then at all times during the opening sequence (e.g. just before clicking a key, exactly when clicking a key, just after clicking a key while the animation is still playing, yet a few milliseconds later when the animation is done but the human brain has not yet processed the reward, etc etc etc).

Working around all of these cases while ensuring that the rewards you earned (or the cards you bought in the case of a pack opening screen) are never lost takes a huge amount of effort. Lots of extra code to write, for each special case. Lots of extra information to store - and potentially store for a long time (you might have disconnected because your laptop died and you need to save two months before you can afford to buy a new one and finally reconnect). Lots of extra test cases to verify every time code is changed (and do not underestimate the effort it takes to create a test case that for instance mimics a disconnect at exactly 0.2 milliseconds after you click a button).

So Blizzard went for the reliable alternative. Hand out rewards as soon as the run is over. Add cards to collection as soon as you open the pack. Do use the visual where a player can slowly uncover rewards or cards, but consider it to be "revealing the stuff we just added to your account". Now if something bad happens during that process the designer can say "we're sorry you mssed out on the excitement of revealing the prices, but rest assure: your rewards have all been safely added to your account, you were not short-changed".

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