Well I got my Death Wish OTK Paladin

Tavern Brawl Discussion

The Paladin gets Righteous Protector turn 1 automatically

After that its Hero power twice on Righteous Protector.

The Spikesteed Turn 6 cause yep - matches are scripted.

On to the heal hero cards draw cards.

Play my Dk Hero with Lifesteal Weapon yep. Okay.

Now this whole time saving both my draw a card deal dmg equal to cost. Now down to the end as the chute is to run out....again matches are scripted - what can you do to counter from this occurring? OTK them first I suppose.

Chute is empty - shuffle in 4 tigers. Next turn draw and draw for 50 damage.

This game design of just play your story book deck just makes the game totally lack for any kind of feel of strategy.

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