This weeks brawl sucks!

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The prevailing deck steals others gifts, and that's not the spirit of Christmas!!!
Then make a deck that doesnt allow them to.
12/29/2018 07:27 PMPosted by churinga
that's not the spirit of Christmas!!!

This isn't christmas this is hearthstone and the spirit has become how much can you be trolled by bad design
this is one of the tactically more interesting brawls really. The only -actual- problem is that only warlock and priest are really good for it.
Not to be an !@#$%^-... But gonna be an *!@#$%^. Have you any friends? Work in an office or any environment that requires multiple people? Have extended family that is massive that don't see eachother regularly? Well, if not, then that is why you do not understand.

The spirit of Christmas you are referring to is with your immediate family and grandma. Adult folks have tons of associates and other people that like to get creative around the holidays and change things up for some fun... Quite simply, it's called "DIRTY SANTA." Or depending on your demographic "WHITE ELEPHANT."

They just made something insanely fun to celebrate the holidays, which also allows us to enjoy Christmas with other HS players while being essentially non-competitive. This is hands-down, one of the best brawls that Blizz rolls out. Just think in reverse Daniel-san. Wax off... Wax on...

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