Are your opens dictating crafting older stuff?

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Here's what I mean. I popped Zuljin, I feel the best deck for him is Secret Hunter. So Subject 9 is now priority.
Even though I Run a good Deathrattle Rogue, an undertaker pop will prioritize Myra as I have faith she's got new juice.
A Horntusk pop would highlight a green skin craft. But that's just for fun.
I did pop open the priestess legendary but I'm so lost on priest
I haven't had to craft anything from older sets yet. The only card I've crafted so far is Jan'allei the Dragonhawk (Golden) because Odd Mage Hype. I have been considering crafting Dragoncaller Alanna for the deck, but I don't think she really fits the standard version. Maybe for Wild as a solid aggressive win condition against slower decks that lack real board clears.
rather my older decks prioritize what I must craft -oondasta (done) and maybe undatakah, waiting to see if the new discolock cards would fit into zoolock or not, hi'reek didn't make the cut for that
Don't really feel comfortable enough to craft anything yet, I'm really stingy with my dust and nothing screamed "fun" like Whizbang did last expansion. From dinking around with him today, Shervallah seems decent, and may warrant a look, as I have a fair number of controlling/heal pally cards.

And whoever thought up of even Rogue needs to walk the plank. Or I just suck at the archetype, I had more luck with the DR Priest Whizbang deck than I have with that deck. Gah.
I craft old stuff all the time, even mediocre legendaries, to make a deck work.

When I pulled Subject 9 last time, I crafted Prof. Putricide. Never regretted it, because it rounded out my Secret Hunter deck, and I had a ton of fun playing it.

Waiting to craft the legendaries you need to play the decks you want is the best way to craft, IMO. That way you build a few strong decks, and playing with some of the big cards you don't see all the time is fun (at least to me).

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