Great mage brawl everyone gets to play fair

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Great fun getting access to cards normally out of reach like frost lich jaina , now I see why everyone saying it's not broken defends it's so hard: they obviously dont want such an ez mode card getting nerfed.
I wonder if at the end of week when the week ends if there will be an uptick in players quiting or buying packs to "compete" when they realize how much power creep there is right now.

The mage deck is ridiculous, your either clearing the board with 2cost button of death, popping ragnaros , or stalling out to get frost lich jaina and getting 3/6 lifesteals, or Barron geddon who does aoe lifesteal.

Warlock can almost badluck highroll with duplication discard mechanics getting out of hand, till you flamestrike or out lifesteal value them.
Same with warrior they have to highroll like crazy with dragon roar if there not already dead by turn 7.

Paladins funny though sloppily play most the game and get 2 minions that make or break you 1 is infinite deathrattling the other revalues all buffs you played and if your opponent doesn't have removal in their "recipe" like says a 3 cost deathrattle minion that nukes anything and can be pinged for 2 damage giving another 3/6 lifesteal.

Hunters and druid deck recipes are a joke in power comparison
Don't understand the hunter deck why is still using rexxar, i'm guessing it's because zul'jinn is so obviously broken they dont want that many players facerolling the game yet.
Three in a row with Jaina and I hated the deck... Maybe my play-style... Well, surely my play-style, haha. I just didn't like the synergy and I don't want to have to draw ten decks to get three good hands.

I see how the deck can work, but just not feelin' it. Immagotryagainthough! lol
The Mage deck is a beast in the right environment. You were right, for sure.

I'm not used to the new cards yet , but the combo of cards in general in that deck is sick for AOE and I really don't think FrostLich is the pin in this deck. I didn't need her and, sadly, usually don't need her in the decks that I am able to construct currently.

This is going to be a fun Brawl yes!?
I immediately conceded after I saw my opponent play the Forst Lich. Then won the next game against a warlock and never looked back.
You all got an up vote from me, I can't even be bothered to articulate on a tavern brawl solely based on death knight heroes.

And even if I did you wouldn't have a clue what I was going on about.

You people complain and moan and beetch and carp and yet you get what you deserve and lap it up.
Problem here is, most of these decks are plain terrible.
12/13/2018 04:35 AMPosted by TheVoid
Problem here is, most of these decks are plain terrible.
or have cards with no synergy
Priest one is fun. Maybe not as powerful as Jaina but, then again, she does have an arcane powered war ship that flies... (see WoW Battle for Azeroth vids).
the mage deck is 101% newbie friendly for people that can't understand hearthstone in general and still win.

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