Jeklik is ridiculous

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This is such a frustrating boss. If the shrine stays up at all she just gets crazy powerful minions after discarding a card.

What's that discard shriek and get a Doomguard? yeah sounds about right.

Between the taunts, soulfires, highroll summons, and soulwarden this encounter makes me want to never touch this adventure again.

Could the shrine be tweeked to say summon a 3-cost minion or less?
I find her to be relatively easy compared to loti or some of the others. This release seems to focus a metric nuclear ton on RNG.
This entire adventure is just proof that blizzard has retarded designers who need to be fired. There is no way in hell anyone looking up the feedback from past dungeon runs read nothing but positivity about the stupid rng crapfest and decided to double and triple down on it.

I don't even care if its for only a cardback it's part of the expansion that is supposed to bring content and some might even add be a part of what you are purchasing if you buy the pre-order bundles.

These people have to be phenomenally stupid to design boss fights where they get every premium removal you could ever want in a class while you get SH&& neutral understated minion #7 and maybe one class spell that's situational at best.

I mean a rush overkill minion for 1 mana that discovers a dragon and keeps 3 if you overkilled with 3/4 stats? you have to have absolutely no idea how to design a card game to make something like that and think its "Fun" to drop a 1 mana 2/1 on your turn and expect to compete.
I have a problem when I reach Zul'Jin as the final boss and he starts with a mana advantage. Hardly fair at all.
Jeklik is easy if you choose Druid.
Poorly designed in my opinion. Some of the starting things are amazing and some are junk. One thing is pretty consistent...if you can't kill their totem thing the game goes downhill fast. Mage and Warlock seem incredibly easy if you get the free hero power that upgrades to two damage on turn one, and lock with free spells or the discard ability. Then there are the others where I'm losing in fights 2-4 consistently in completely lopsided fights. Where is the balance?
Jeklik with that "damage the other hero for any damage you take on your turn" also seems... waaaaaaaaay too optimized. Being at 12 health on turn 3 with no opportunity to do anything because enemy only AOE after another after another and, oh yeah, here's about a million cards that damage myself. Even damaging her armor, not herself, counts.
The problem is, even early on, the AI's decks are optimized for their shrines while the player has to get lucky.
It is just a hard adventure... This makes completing it only more satisfactory.

Better this as being to easy like the witchwood one.
Voone in my opinion is hard than Jeklik with that 8 mana kill all enemy minions and gain 2 Armor for each destroyed minion
I had the paladin boss as last and he buffed that taunt minion that only can take one damage at a time to ridicilous heights, needless to say I had no kind of removal to stop that
Team 5 balance at its finest again
So yeah, uh, I just played High Priestess Jeklik at level 8. Well... "played". I was down to 2 health after her 4th turn.

She got her 5/5 Unlicensed Apothecary on her first turn that did 5 damage to ME every time she called out a minion. She then called out minions that did damage to ME from their text and from the UA. There wasn't a single card in a single bucket that I was offered that would have stopped this. Nor one treasure. So... yeah, another poorly designed bad guy to torment us with zero hope of being rectified.

I no longer believe the designers are incompetent. I believe George RR Martin has fully taken over the reigns of Blizzard and is getting his jollies off of tormenting his audience... again.

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