The classic set should leave standard.

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The classic set has been a problem for the developers over the last couple of years.
Because of the Classic set some cards have been either moved to the “hall of fame” or nerfed because they cause problems with the health and diversity of the game. And with the release of more expansion it is almost for sure that this will happen again.
The classic set never has been overpowered. Most of the time the problem is the synergy of some of its cards with the newer sets. The cards from the classic set are targeted with nerfs and bans from standard because they will never leave the format.
Nerfing the whole classic set cards is not a good idea for the health of the format or the game. This just gives us useless cards on both Wild and Standard. And at the same time; it is sad for returning players coming back to the game just to see some of the cards that you remember are not the same.
Because of this the classic set should be removed from Standard.
And instead of the classic set on standard we should have a list of cards from previous expansions (including the classic set) that could be available for a limited time. This list of cards could be changed with the rotation of each year on the standard format.
This way developers could get a better control on the metagame, new expansions would have more impact and old sets would not be forgotten when they rotate out of standard
I understand that having three expansions a year makes it difficult to get all the cards you need to get a viable standard deck. But having a list of cards from older sets does not mean we need a full 135 card list. We could have for example 50 cards that rotate out of standard every year with the lastest 3 expansion.
Blizzard could even release a special pack including all the cards from this list for people that could not play or buy the cards when the original expansions were released. Older players that already have the cards would not need to spend more. And it is not a big list of cards for new players.

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