Psionic Probe

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I'd like to hear the public's opinion about this card. HearthArena has rated it 51 points, but I think it's worth quite a lot more. I am on a priest run which is 6-0 at the moment and this card has given me nothing but really great spells. Maybe this is because there are not many spells in arena today, and if people will choose one during the draft, it's usually a high quality spell. My deck has nothing special by itself, but this 1 mana generation of a usually much above average spell, comes very handy in a lot of situations. What do you guys think? Has the card given you the value it has given me?
I think 51 rating is about right. You get a random spell, and even if you do get a good one, you are paying 1 mana premium. And if opponent is really good, he will have an idea what spell you got and properly play around it.
The rating is about right. You don't know what your matchups are going to be and there are a lot of spells in other classes that are just bad if you don't have the Class Synergy or deck to go with it. IE Deadly Poison a good pick for Rogue garbage grab from Probe. The other scenario is you get something cheap like a Frostbolt that is Good at 2 mana meh at 3 mana. The highest roll you can get is an AoE like a Flamestrike but that doesn't mean that Flamestrike is even good against your opponents deck as it could just be heavy control deck that pushes outs big minions 1 after the other so you just got yourself a 8 mana deal 4 to a single minion. If you look at it another way its often a worse Hallucinate but you are Priest and don't need the 1 mana card as a combo activator and it can't randomly get you a DK or even something you want to fix your curve for future turns.
Its not that bad but it has the potential to be bad. I just lost my first game in my run at 7 wins against a priest who had 2 and who got branching paths and wrath as well as a usefull trigger on his pyromancer. That was a great result obviously.
I have picked and played the card myself but it has not been that great for me.
I dont like picking it that much now but in some drafts and when other options are bad it can be a nice card. A sort of joker that can give you something very good but be useless as well. Its great against druid obviously because druid has very good arena spells in general and druid is a solid class which you should encounter fairly often at higher wins,in which case they will have some good spells for sure.
Its less effective against some if the other classes i think.
The mana deficit (paying 1 extra) is only a very minor disadvantage in arena. There are many turns where you have 1 or even more mana spare to play the card.

It seems to pick a card that was in your deck from the start,even if you already did play the card.
Vaguely remember a priest some weeks ago getting a spell (which was a 1 off) that I already played but maybe my memory is wrong on that so if someone knows how it works exactly pls share.

I think its better then 51 but not that much better.

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