Druid deck is an embarrassment

Tavern Brawl Discussion
What were you thinking? Attack Druid? It’s beyond terrible, with you grasping for cards by turn 6, because the deck is filled with garbage cards don’t make enough of an impact, so you routinely go 2-for-1 card trades against your opponent. What do you think is going to happen when you draw “give your hero +2 attack this turn” on turn 7, or when it topdeck mode? It’s so, so, so bad I can’t even get a quest for two Druid wins completed.

Good job guys, really well thought out archetype there. I wouldn’t have expected less from the creators of such bad archetypes like Freeze Shaman, Discard Warlock, and Quest Paladin. You’ve really outdone yourselves with this blunder of a deck archetype. A Druid deck that includes ultimate infestation yet still manages to be exceedingly terrible. This deck runs out of steam so fast even with UI it’s unbelievable.

Please, PLEASE get some new talent to revitalize this game. “Going downhill” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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