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Please nerf Hunter. I played 50 games (level 5) in the last two days and 68% of them were Hunter. You did a good job with the Nerfs to make things a little less stale but now its just Spell, Deathrattle, and Secret hunter.
Easy Peesy:
1) make Egg a 3/3 instead of 5/5
2) Rexxar Hero power costs 4
3) Change all text on all cards from Charge to Rush

Hunter (and the meta) is Fixed.

You're Welcome
Just play death-rattle control dragon priest those Hunters die
I hate when peps clamor for nerfs on stuff not really needed rather than asking for a interrupt phase. Half the nerfs they make wouldn't be needed if they had followed a better MTG example from the get go.. instead its agro or bust and anything fun gets nerfed or down right gutted. Yogg, Quest rogue, ..... list goes on hell they nerfed ramp.. seriously? due to complaints rather than fix the root cause. Thanks for adding your voice to the list of those that only seem to be able to play net deck agro...probably why you see almost no one ever with reno and most with hunter.. but GL with that.
Matcg against Hunter equal free win for me

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