What classes do you have golden?

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Just today i got my first gold class, rogue, but i am coming up on golden priest too. My next one down is paladin which is still about 300 wins away.

What about you guys? What classes do you have in gold?
only warlock. actually i would have gotten warlock twice golden because i have over 1000 wins. I have less wins from all other classes combined.

What Rogue deck are you playing? I actually have all the pirate rogue cards.
0 slowly working to it though.
All except pally which is about 160 and I'm not getting any closer. I find pally very dull to play tbh. All in all ive got 14 gold heroes over three server which isn't bad.
Warlock :-P I played Counter-aggro 1 expansion ago, annoying the heck out of odd paladins. A golden portrait well deserved.

Now I'm doing Hunter ... eventhough I don't feel too good playing that class while it's kinda inbalanced tho.
Shaman for a while now, he had 500 while my second one barely had 200 wins. Warlock is coming up slowly now though, just because of a speedy super aggro deck in wild.
I have all of them but I have been playing since just after launch. It took me forever to get them all unlocked. My strategy was to pick a class and keep playing it through to completion. However, there were times when the meta favoured one class over another so I switched out the class. I really had a hard time with Warlock b/c it is counter intuitive to my personal play style.

Congrats on the first unlock! Happy Hearthstoning!
Rogue, Priest, and Mage. 100 wins away from Shaman, bout the same for Warlock.
All of them, and had them for close to a year now.
None... I don't play enough ranked. xD
Shaman (way, way too many wins)
Priest (~1,500)
Paladin (~750)
Rogue (~500)

and very, very close on Druid ~480
Got to 400 with Hunter over the past few months but now they entire community is playing Hunter so it's gotten kinda stale.

Close on Druid and I think hunter is my least at like 200 something
All of em. Been playing since just before Old gods. Mage was first. Still have way, way more ranked wins with it than any other. Then priest. Then I think warrior. Rogue was one of my last. Enjoyed them all during. As someone else said, I tried to stick with just one class until I got it golden. (After playing exclusively mage quite a while at first.) But if I got really tired of it, or frustrated / meta was bad for it. Changed to another class.
I play since December 2016,
Paladin golden
Mage golden
Shaman golden
Warlock golden
Priest golden
Druid ~360

Well the Rest is gonna take a While.
Spellhunter got me the last 250 wins from K&C to Boomsday.
Next one are Shaman, Druid or Paladin. All three have exactly 154 wins in Ranked atm.
Priest, warlock, and warrior.

I’m working on mage at the moment.
Warlock was first during MsoG, then the rest slowly followed by Frozen Throne. So all of them.
All them took me two full years to get.

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