Anything cool from Brawliseum rewards?

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I'm not usually a fan of Brawliseum or Arena. I think my best record is 3 wins before I get my 3 losses.

This time, I got my third loss after only 2 wins. I'm quite pleased, though. In addition to the Rastakhan's Rumble pack, my rewards chest contained a copy of Primalfin Totem (which, you can probably guess from my icon, is one of my favorite cards in one of my favorite decks). I'd only had one copy yet, and I'd been thinking about crafting another. So, this week's Brawliseum saved me 100 dust!

Did you get anything cool from your Brawliseum rewards, either in individual cards or from your pack?
Got Zul'jin in one of my packs. Haven't crafted him so getting this makes me want to join the masses and run spell hunter.
Don't tell them 'bout spellhunter (lookin' scittish over my shoulder,... )
Damn,... secret's out hehehehe
Love the spellhunter!!!!!!

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